Knitted Knockers

Thank you for your order

Thanks for contacting us! We have received your order and we will send you an email confirmation within 3 days.

If you do not receive confirmation within 3 days, please check to make sure it is not in your junk mail box. Mark emails from as “not junk” to prevent future Knitted Knockers emails from being sorted as Junk. Email confirmations may not be received if you use a email address. Unfortunately, we have not been able to make emails work with our system, but we have received your order.

Donations of $10 to help offset costs are sincerely appreciated. They can be mailed to Knitted Knockers Support Foundation, 1405 Fraser St. #F103, Bellingham, WA 98229 or made online at

How will I get my Knocker?

  • We receive requests via email or website communication.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of the request usually within a few minutes by emailing you a copy of your request. Yahoo and AOL emails will not receive this confirmation due to technicalities.
  • If not readily available a request will be made to our volunteer knitters.
  • The completed order is forwarded to you via US mail or can be picked up in Whatcom County, Washington.

How long until I receive my knitted knockers?

Due to increased publicity and the resulting demand it may take 4-6 weeks to receive your knockers. They are made by volunteers and so are dependent on availability. Feel free to confirm your order after 6 weeks.

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