Knitted Knockers

Thank You for Registering as a Medical Provider


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We will now send you a medical kit which includes sample knitted knockers to show your patients.  We will also send some business cards and brochures that can be used to inform patients of this option available to them.  The patient can then go online at to order their free knitted knockers.  You can request more printed materials from us as needed by using the contact us form at From the dropdown there select “I want to reorder materials”.

We love to partner with medical clinics, cancer centers, nurse navigators, imaging centers, radiologists, and breast surgeon offices to provide free knitted knockers to their patients. Thank you for letting your colleagues know about this service and encourage them to register with us so that we can send them a medical kit also.

If you already have an auxiliary available making other projects for you such as chemo caps we would love to help them provide Knitted Knockers to you.  Have them register with us at and we will equip them to provide for you directly. It is very important that they use only approved yarns that have been thoroughly tested.

Knitted Knockers Support Foundation is a 501(c)3 run 100% by volunteers.  We survive strictly by donations.  We are thrilled to partner with medical clinics to provide free knitted knockers to their patients.  For those that have the resources to help us out with costs it is really appreciated.  The cost of providing materials to a clinic runs us about $200 a year.  Any donations are sincerely appreciated.  Do NOT let that stop you from partnering with us though.  We want to help reach out to your women that can use them.  More information can be found at our Make a Donation link on the home page.

Thank you for wanting to help bring comfort and dignity to women’s lives!


Knitted Knockers Support Foundation

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