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April 19, 2021

I had a right mastectomy 3 years back (2018) in Adventist hospital.
Recently (2021) I received 2 knitted knockers from Madam Tan (a very kind hearted volunteer) after I wore for few days I feel very comfortable and the shape looks very reality different from the soft sponge I wore (no shape).
I would like to thank Madam Tan and also all the volunteers for their hard work. Well done. Thank you.

April 9, 2021

I actually saw a video about Knitted Knockers on Facebook eight years ago and shared it on my page because I thought the idea was golden. My mom had a bilateral mastectomy in October 2018 and has been in remission for two years. She’s tried the silicon breast molds as well as a few other products offered through the cancer center and the VA but, she’s been allergic to them and breaks out in painful rashes. Your video came across my memories today and I thought, “My mom needs a pair of these!” I quickly found your site and ordered a pair for her. I’m hoping she loves them.

– Michele
March 19, 2021

Had a left mastectomy in Feb of ‘21.
My surgeon told me about KK. I was skeptical, thought it would pop out of my bra. I finally ordered one at her further endorsement. Received it yesterday, (I only ordered it last week), loved it the minute I tried it. I don’t even see any need to get a silicone prosthesis.
What a wonderful thing. Thank you to my knitter in Pahoa, HI. We’ve never met, but I love you! ♥️

– Marilyn D.
March 7, 2021

Thank you so much for my knitted knockers. I had a double mastectomy on February 8,2021. Today March 6, 2021 I tried my knockers for the first time , I have to say at first I felt a little silly wearing them but after a few minutes I had a smile on my face because I actually started to feel like I was normal again . I can’t thank you enough for making these .

February 24, 2021

These are perfect. I had a left mastectomy and I was having issues with the silicone form making me sweat. I only asked for a single but got 2. Thank you so much.

February 19, 2021

I had a mastectomy last Feb. I have tried a number of things and nothing seemed to work. I heard about Knitted Knockers and I’m so happy with my new Knocker. It is so soft and under my clothes it looks like my real knocker would. The packaging was lovely. So thoughtful. Thanks Lou Ann and to all the ladies that help make us feel better.

– Terry
January 17, 2021

Thank you ladies of the knitted knockers swim version. I had a bilateral masectomy back in 2012 and my silicone breast forms are old and leaking, I holding them together with tape. I am now retired and on a fixed income so I could not afford a new pair of breast forms. These knitted knockers are so comfortable and light, can’t wait for summer to use them in my bathing suit. Thanks again for this wonderful product. God Bless you.

– Catherine
January 10, 2021

Just had a double mastectomy on Dec 2 2020 and I was very upset with it. I didn’t want anything that was like fake so I search the internet and I stumble across your website. Love it and I even send the link to my sister up in Canada. I have practice last night and made one to make sure I got it. Today order yarns and can wait to make mine because I do love to knit. Thanks you for your YouTube tutorial.

– Christine
December 27, 2020

Thank you so much for knitted knockers, I had a Mastectomy Dec. 2020 and was given a set of knockers. It was a
blessing and it lifted my spirit so much. They are amazingly comfortable. I took a little of the cotton out and it
was a perfect balance. God bless you all in making life better for all cancer survivors.

– Veronica
December 5, 2020

Thank you so much for my knitted knockers , I received them today I cried. This is going to make me feel less awkward around others. I am very excited. Best Christmas gift ever. God bless you all who organize and make them. You all are angels.

– Denise Urdiales

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