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November 27, 2018

Just to let you know my KKS arrived much earlier than expected and I am delighted with them. All that care in the making of them and then the packaging and all the extras; ribbons and bits and pieces which were pink and feminine and so thoughtful! It all made me smile. Thank you all so much and especially my knitter – YVONNE H – what lovely handwriting. I have made a donation today and hope you all have a lovely Christmas season (not so long away).

– Mary
November 27, 2018

After my mastectomy I couldn’t wear any kind of prosthetics and it made me very self conscious about being out in public. When I did get my prosthetics they were so heavy and hot and I hated wearing them. Then I heard about knitted knockers from a Facebook group. I received a pair of knitted knockers and I absolutely love them! Now the only time I use the prosthetics is if I go swimming. The knitted knockers are so light and adjustable. Also, since they aren’t heavy they don’t sag. They are perky if you want them to be.

– Trish Coulter
November 16, 2018

My grandmother ordered a product from this site after having surgery and feeling uncomfortable in the bra that she had gotten. I was discussing it with her recently because someone else I know is going through the same thing. She saw an ad on facebok and ordered one. She said it took a while to get to her but to her surprise she had received 2. It is the most comfortable option that she has. She is 87 years old and uses facebook and knows a little about the internet. I am thankful that there are organizations like this to help people that need it. She loves her knitter knocker. Thank you for helping women with their self esteem and comfort in such a vulnerable time.

– Jenepher
November 11, 2018

Thank you so much for the knitted knockers my mom received on her last appointment with her surgeon. Dr. Grange gave them to her with your information. She was so delighted, so pleased that someone provided this delightful solution she hadn’t even knew was available. Mom had a mastectomy 35 yrs ago and recently underwent a second surgery. She truly is a survivor and our hero. Thank you for your kindness, talent and time …I have a new group of heroes now too! God bless your selflessness and compassion. – a grateful daughter

– Alysia
November 8, 2018

I received my order of a ‘knitted knocker’ today and have to say how lovely this is, better than my expectations, presented so nicely and also the kindness shown with a lovely card and kind thoughts from Nicky . Thank you so much, it’s much appreciated xx

– Lorna Weekes
November 1, 2018

I would like to say a huge thank you to “Christine” who knitted me my knockers 😍. They was a surprise gift from my partner to which having had a mastectomy in 2014. I did not know about these, and have worn the sponge ones for 4years. These knitted ones are so comfortable and truly amazing. I have to say I am in complete “awe” that you ladies do this charitable knitting within your time to enable us ladies that have lost our breasts to the “C” to remain feeling feminine. Not only are they comfortable but they are also pretty to look at. Many thanks again, I love them and many thanks for the personalization that went into my knitted knockers, love the water ones as going on the beach I had always been “shy” #knittedknockers😍

– Zoe Lester
October 27, 2018

Thank you so much Linda for knitting me my knocker and the little gift you sent me,it will be so much more comfortable to wear,I really do appreciate your kind message and all the love you have put into knitting it for me,

– Sandra
October 13, 2018

Thank you so much Sylvia for my parcel which arrived this morning , your little card and extra gift made me smile xx

– Sharon
October 9, 2018

My Aqua Knocker arrived this morning and could I please thank Christine R so much…it’s beautiful and actually made me cry! I have had breast cancer twice now and am awaiting a second mastectomy which, fingers crossed, will take place early next year  a preventative procedure)! I may then be ordering a complete new pair of knitted knockers. I moved south just recently and found an article about you on Facebook. I was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 then again 2015 and never realised a brilliant charity was literally on my doorstep in Southport near where I used to live! Thank you so very much for being there it means a lot! X

– Anne Williams
September 30, 2018

I cannot thank Knitted Knockers enough and your volunteers are amazing! There will not be a day that I wear them that I do not think about all of the ladies that devoted of their time to make them. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You ladies are the best! #KNITTEDKNOCKERSROCK!

– Billie

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