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November 25, 2020

I received my “gift” of knockers today, and I am heartfelt thankful!!! I was one of those that was fitted for a breast form after my treatment and surgery. After wearing it 1x, I hated it and never looked at it again. Filling a bra cup can be challenging! These forms are beautiful!!! Soft and lightweight, and I am excited to have this perfect option. Thank you to ALL of the volunteers. A special thank you to Dale of AZ!!!!!!!

– Arlene
October 17, 2020

This is so very comfortable and I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart. What I had was so uncomfortable and it constantly pressed on the area where they removed the lymph node. Bless your heart bless everyone of you.

– Sherry Edwards
October 8, 2020

I’m very happy with my new knockers, very soft and lightweight, and wearing them every day, feeling very comfortable.
Thank you very much.

September 28, 2020

Tonight I was watching Localish TV program from Chicago, which aired a segment about your volunteers making the knockers.
I was diagnosed with BC having mastectomy in 2012.
All praise to God for my period of remission.
I have recently lost weight and my current prosthetic doesn’t fit, so seeing this program was timely.
Your organization has blessed so many women, inspiring them to feel beautiful and giving them dignity and hope.

– Ruby M
July 29, 2020

I want to thank Patti D for knitting my knockers. They are so comfortable, cooler than my prosthetics and so much lighter. I am forever grateful for the love and care this group has provided in this product. I am surprised at the medical professionals that I met that have never heard of your organization but by the time I leave they have an email address to be able to contact or put other women in contact. Thank you so much!

– Lois Southard
June 23, 2020

I just received my knitted knockers yesterday. They feel so soft to my sensitive skin. I just had a double mastectomy in April and these make my clothes look great. I tried them in some swimsuits and look wonderful. Then I read that I should order a separate pair for water. I just sent my donation. I can’t thank you guys enough for these light knockers.

– Donna S
June 6, 2020

The knitted knockers have been a God send after having a bilateral mastectomy a few years ago. I can not thank the ladies enough who have their hearts in this knitting project and the lovely letters they enclose with the orders. When I received my order I could not keep from feeling safe, supported and part of the number of cancer survivors team. If I knew how to knit I would be helping the world of women so in need of feeling better about their body image when out in public. The cancer support groups I had attended were not aware of this wonderful knitters offering and were so relieved to find the resource to help bring their self esteem back. I thank you with all my heart.

– Kathleen
June 2, 2020

I just got my knitted knockers a friend ordered for me. Yay! I am flat on right side due to implant failure- and with Covid and some minor health issues- my reconstruction keeps getting put off. This will certainly make my life better until that happens- or who knows- maybe I’ll just skip reconstruction altogether. These are so light and comfy- I thank you all. You even included a cute mask. I sent a donation right away. I’m a knitted knocker fan for life.

– Marcia P
May 27, 2020

Being diagnosed with a reoccurrence of breast cancer after many years was extremely difficult for me. In the Covid environment I could not have my husband with me at all during my mastectomy. Due to previous breast cancer treatment I wasn’t an ideal candidate for reconstruction and didn’t want to spend more time alone in the hospital anyway. The oncology nurse sent me home from a visit with a pair of knitted knockers and I am wearing them everyday.
I know I am not alone in this recovery. Thank you.

March 18, 2020

I cannot thank you enough for the knitted knockers that you have sent to me. After undergoing this traumatic experience, the knitted knockers gave me the confidence that I needed to move forward. They are so soft and look amazingly real under my clothing. The volunteers that make these are amazing! You have earned a special place in heaven! Thank you so much!

– Susan N

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