Knitted Knockers


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August 3, 2021

After a bilateral mastectomy in March, I am still struggling with healing (some complications) and only KKs are comfortable enough for me to wear. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time from your busy lives to knit these perfect-solution prosthetics!!! Keep up the good work and I’ll continue to spread praises for your organization.

– Suzanne Griffith
July 24, 2021

I am a knitter of knockers and thank you writers for your comments as they help me to continue to create these.
reminded of the very real significance each one has in someone’s daily life. Blessings to you for your health and your love of family and friends and your skilled healthcare team.

July 13, 2021

These women are angels! They are the best — and Knitted Knockers are the best! They are comfortable and light and made with love! Thank you so much for all you do!

– Deb Wetmore
July 10, 2021

I can’t thank you enough, what a great gift! I heard about them from my breast surgeon after having a double mastectomy and wasn’t sure what to expect. They were perfect – very soft, very lightweight, & easy to customize to get the right size. A huge thank you to all of the angels who make them, I can never thank you enough!

July 8, 2021

I just wanted to thank you for my new ‘knitted Knockers’.
I had my first pair over 10 years ago and I have washed them regularly and worn them on a daily basis.
They arrived in a beautiful bag with extra filling and wool.
Thank you Racheal you will never know what a difference they make x

– Sharon H
June 18, 2021

Thank you so much for the knitted knockers so happy with them.
I had a mastectomy in 2006 on my right side and just had another on my left side on 21st April 2021 . I’ve worn a prosthesis from the hospital for the last 15 years but didn’t want to have another for the other side . These are perfect thank you so much to Claire for knitting them .

– Suzmar0
June 15, 2021

Just grateful……I’ve been cancer free for about 6 years My memories have almost faded of the initial rubber like implants I wore!! Keep up the good work! …………..and Blessings to all of you!

May 29, 2021

I was blessed with a pair two years ago after a double mastectomy . I had tried bras, pads and other fillers but not pleased with any products.. someone shared the knitted knockers and they have been so comfortable.

– A. Stafford
May 21, 2021

After bilateral mastectomy in 2010, and three failed attempts at reconstruction by implants, two years ago this month I had the third and final set of implants removed. After buying and trying multiple prosthetics, I ordered a pair of knitted knockers. They have been the answer for me! KK are soft, light, not hot, and easy to maintain. Now, two years later, I am ordering another pair. The first pair has been worn daily and washed weekly. They have held up very well. I’ll use them as my backup pair now because the yarn isn’t very soft anymore against my skin. Did I mention KK also work well to throw at your husband? Just in fun, of course…

– Lee
May 20, 2021

I would just like to thank a lady named Anne, for the two marvelous knitted knockers I have just received. They are beautifully made and just what I ordered.  I had a lumpectomy 13 years ago, which resulted in total disfigurement and these knitted knockers are the best thing I have been able to get to use. Many thanks again.

– Jane Jelpke

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