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May 17, 2023

Hello ladies I had my double mastectomy May 2nd 2023 it was devastating to have had 2 panic attacks couldn’t touch myself or look in the mirror you think you’re not a woman anymore when you lose so much but when my mother told me you are all woman still and just keep calm and fight. I finally got online to join a group for double mastectomies due to breast cancer it felt good and going to tell my story then some of the ladies gave me this website called knitted knockers. I went on it I watched the videos and it was breathtaking and tears just run down my eyes to see all these volunteers help us women out to feel better and better in our bodies it lifted my heart. I am beyond grateful for what you all of ladies are doing I finally got mine and I was in love with them I did put them in my bras and I felt woman again they are soft and they feel so good I can look at myself in the mirror now with them thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless all the volunteers.

– Danny Girl
April 17, 2023

Hello lovely ladies,
I went for my mammogram today and my technician gave me a Knitted Knocker on my way out. I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ve been a breast cancer survivor for 24 years. I’m always struggling to find the right combination of bra and insert. This worked like magic with a regular bra I recently purchased. Thank you for such an amazing gift!

– Bonnie
April 13, 2023

I got a pair of KK 8 years ago, cream color and soft fine cotton. They’re the only forms my skin and body will tolerate. Until I got the KK I had to go flat chested while the expensive forms sat in a drawer. It’s good to feel normal again. A million thank yous, I am so very grateful.

– Susie D
April 4, 2023

Thank you so much, for the knockers! No one can tell the difference. Thank you for all that you are doing! You are making a difference! I was excited to receive mine in the mail.

– Michele Barnes
April 1, 2023

I learned of Knitted Knockers from one of my nurses. I didn’t know what to expect. I just went on the website to place an order. Sherry M, a Knitted Knocker volunteer in IL, contacted me about my order. I received my knitted knocker just in time my mother’s birthday celebration. My mother’s birthday party would be my first time dressing up and going out since my mastectomy. I wanted to look fabulous and not ill. With the knitted knocker that I received, I felt beautiful. I looked beautiful. I know that people were trying to figure out how did I look so fabulous. After all, I had the mastectomy less than a month ago. I tell them that I look fabulous because of my Knitted Knocker angel, Sherry. Sherry also included a card with words of encouragement that brought tears to my eyes. I had to thank you her. She is a first class volunteer.

Thank you Sherry for being a light and using your talent to bless others!

– A. Davis
March 25, 2023

HI ladies! This is such a wonderful way to help everyone touched by breast cancer. I rec’d my knockers just the other day and am wearing it proudly and confidently. They are just perfect! Thank you for your service! An extra thank you to Lynn Z- whom I corresponded with and when she learned I’m an avid swimmer, she sent me a special knocker for my swimsuit. This was above and beyond!
Keep up the wonderful kind work you are all doing and know I’m donating and spreading the word. So glad I happened across your website. Peace and Love, Mary Ann

– Mary Ann
March 13, 2023

I just finished chemo and in preparation for radiation, I needed my tissue expanders deflated. For 6-8 weeks I had a flat figure to look forward to!! I tried making a joke about it and saying “at least it’s not chemo – I can be flat if it’s not chemo.” When I went to the plastic surgeon to be deflated, the nurse mentioned they had Knitted Knockers they could send me home with. I had never heard of Knitted Knockers but I said “sure – I’ll take some.” I was unsure of the size, etc. but I got them placed in my bra, and Wow!!! They’re perfect! I feel so confident – even with my chemo cap head!! If I don’t need to be – I don’t think I will even want to be inflated b/c I look better than I did with inflated tissue expanders. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! You are all doing the work of angels and my heart is full of gratitude. It’s been years since I’ve knitted but I feel inspired to pull out my supplies and knit for this beautiful cause.

– Tricia
March 6, 2023

I received my knitted knocker today and what a lovely surprise. The knocker itself is beautifully made. So soft and the colours are lovely.
This isn’t just a knocker arriving though.
It was beautifully presented and there was a lovely handwritten little card with it. There was a personal note from Elise, who created my knocker. Elise, I can’t express how much joy and happiness your act of kindness brought me.
Thank you all so much.

– Grainne
March 4, 2023

My knitted knockers arrived today and I love them. How sweet Sherry is to think of all of us after surgery. Thank you so much!

– Michelle
February 14, 2023

Many thanks to knitter Dale of Tucson. I like the knitted knockers so much better than the bought prostheses. They are more comfortable and just look more normal.

– Judy

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