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Hi - I would like to say a big thank you to Myra for my knitted knocker gift. It was so beautifully presented - just love the bag and the butterfly especially.

I had to pad them out a bit more but I am so relieved to be able to wear something light and comfortable as the prosthesis was so heavy and hurting my ribs and back. I have been to the hospital twice to see if I could have lighter prosthesis but both times I was given heavier ones!! They didn’t listen.

I think what you are doing is wonderful and helping lots of us to cope easier. I love the logo too.

Thank you so much.RegardsAnn M Hodkinson

Received mine this morning and i am overwhelmed. They are amazing. They came in a littlle bag with a packet of sweets and a lovely note attached signed by the lady that knitted them.
Cant thank you enough. Such kindness given by complete strangers who now feel like friends.

I received my Knitted Knocker today, I was so excited.I couldn't wait to try it.After washing it and putting the stuffing back in to my satisfaction, I have to tell you it was so much more comfortable than the push up pad and sock that I'd been wearing. It was much softer than the pad and sock.I often found myself turning the other direction when I would hug someone because of the stiffness also I don't have to worry about it moving out of place like my pad and sock did which I found myself adjusting it several times a day. I can't thank you ladies enough for my Knitted Knocker. Now I feel more confident. More like myself.

Bless you Bless you Bless you!!! I just received my beautiful Knitted Knockers! After my bilateral mastectomy in 2013, I threw out all my bras.. so tomorrow I am going out to buy one, maybe 2 pretty new bras so I can wear my new Knockers! I am positive they will give me an amazing boost in confidence and do wonders for my self image.
You are all angels!!!! Thank you!!!

Have received my knitted knockers today, one everyday & one aqua. They are so so comfy & lightweight. My prosthetic breast was heavy & made me sweat. I only wore it to special occassions. I look forward to wearing this everyday & feeling happy & confident again, instead of being consciously 'wonky' all the time. I am so grateful to the wonderful ladies who take their time to make these knockers. It makes a huge difference to our everyday life. Big thank you to Elaine R. XXX

Following my right mastectomy I had been contemplating reconstruction but was leery about undergoing further surgeries. Dr. Whitney's nurse suggested Knitted Knockers and brought out a big bag full of different sizes and colors. I picked out a pair that would match my remaining breast and voila! I match again. So very comfortable, soft, non-irritating, and free is a real bonus! Thank you so much Knocker knitters in Bellingham...you are indeed angels.

Thank you for my beautiful knitted and aqua knockers. I feel so privileged for the support of other women. Warm wishes to you all, and to Pamela - you are an angel!

Thank you so much to all members at knitted knockers. I received it in the post this morning and feel really greatful and can start wearing it and hopefully regain my confidence. Overall fantastic !

I had my first mastectomy in July, 1984 and my second in October, 2016. My insurance will only pay for one prosthesis because the first surgery constituted a pre-existing condition. Thank you so much for my knitted knockers (a pair). I received them shortly after I found the website. They are cute, soft and comfortable. And I will share this information about Knitted Knockers with others.

Just received my knitted knockers and they are brilliant. Fit really well and so soft and comfy. Thank you Jennifer for knitting them, your an angel xx

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