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May 27, 2024

I received my beautifully made aqua knocker with a message from Angela saying “enjoy your swimming’. It was such a joy to receive and I have felt such comfort from it. It is so much nicer than anything else I have managed to get hold of. I am going to order the non swimming type now.
Thank you so much everyone at this wonderful charity. I will definitely make a donation.

– Valerie
May 26, 2024

My mom loves her Knitted Knockers! She had a bilateral mastectomy a couple of months ago, and at first, she tried the regular prostheses, but they were heavy. She couldn’t use them with all her bras as they would fall out as the day went on, and she would start sweating from her chest. She tried the Knitted Knockers and loves them; that’s all she wears now. Thank you so much for existing; the Knockers make my mother feel comfortable in her clothes.

– NA
May 17, 2024

My wife has worn breast prostheses for 18 years following a double mastectomy. As many can attest, they are heavy, make her sweat, and are just generally uncomfortable. We heard about Knitted Knockers from a friend of our daughter. I ordered her a pair and my wife loves them. They are much lighter, look natural and can be worn with a standard bra. Thank you so so much. Today, I am ordering a second pair and donating to your organization. God bless you and all your volunteers.

– Bill
May 12, 2024

I had a double mastectomy 6 years ago and I picked up a set of knitted knockers from a basket in my doctor’s office. The only size they had was double DD and I wanted to be a C, so I pulled some of the stuffing out and it worked fine. Like many of you, I have a heavy prosthetic that I wear occasionally, but I prefer my knitted knockers! Today, I finally ordered a new pair in a size C! I happily made a donation to pay for them. Cheers!

– Amy Gheart
April 22, 2024

It’s been several years now that I discovered this wonderful group that knits/crochets knitted knockers. I was fitted for regular prothesis after my bilateral mastectomy but only wore them once. They were very heavy and never stayed in place. The knitted knockers are so lightweight, and look very natural. They also come in different sizes. Thank you again to all the ladies who volunteer their time to make all of us feel comfortable and looking great in our clothes again.

– Sally
April 6, 2024

I just received my knitted knockers yesterday, I love them so comfy and they work amazingly, thank you Kathleen for such a wonderful job.

– Lisa R
March 16, 2024

I received my first pair of Aqua Knockers a few months ago and they are amazing! They were so beautifully wrapped which made them feel even more special. They were very kindly knitted by a lady called Claire. I had known about Knitted Knockers since my double mastectomy back in 2017 when my consultant mentioned them but I had not realised there was such a thing as Aqua Knockers. I am so happy with my Aqua Knockers I have just ordered two knitted knockers for every day use. Thank you so much! x

– Sandra Schueler
January 7, 2024

Words just cannot express my gratitude to Barbara the founder of KK. My heart is overflowed with joy, excitement of the purpose fulfillment in this venture. This prosthetics is perfect and divinely orchestrated. I just looooove this product passionately. It’s really real. God’s blessing and light continue to shine on Barbara and the volunteers. I would be delighted to be a volunteer!!! I am 100% inspired. Love ❀️ u all.

– Sonia
November 25, 2023

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2022. Three lumpectomy surgeries and a mastectomy in October 2023.
I rec’d my beautiful knit Knockers back in November 2022. What an Amazing gift!!!!!!!!! They were right on time, I had to wait weeks for my prothesis. The knockers fit perfect. I was in 😒.
Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers πŸ™‹πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ πŸ˜€ πŸ™ŒπŸΎ 😊 πŸ™πŸΎ
One year breast free.πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

– Mandy L.
November 20, 2023

We lost a child last year to health issues
Two weeks later I find out I have HER2- and HER2+ aggressive breast cancer
I could care less if I lived or died I was so depressed.
God had a plan for me . I prayed and prayed that He would please take me away
But my time on earth wasn’t done He had a purpose for me.
He showed me I was needed that spread His gospel and heal mentally and physically
I’m cancer free but had to get a double mastectomy.
It’s hard sometimes looking at myself in the mirror
I felt ugly
Until knitted knockers help feel the emptiness ugly feeling I thought. Gave me back my pride and meaning to go on without my baby girl
We all struggle with some kind issue
But it’s up to us to choose to love ourselves like God loves us
He gave us His Son to die so we can be set free
Idk what you maybe going through
But know that you are chosen by The Father. We only have a short time on earth
Try to be the best you can be
So many people looks up to you for the fight you have been through and winning :
Don’t stop loving yourself and blessing others with your testimony
One day all our worries will be over
We will spend eternity with The Father
He is so proud of you
You are so important
Believe in yourself
Thank you knitted knockers for caring and loving people like me
You will truly be blessed

– Reeves

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