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July 30, 2018

I received my knockers four weeks post mastectomy in Abuja, Nigeria in April, 2018. I was so thrilled and pleasantly surprised. They have been a blessing especially as breast forms are not easily accessible in Nigeria.

Thank you

July 15, 2018

Thank you so much. I have tried various options since having my mastectomy but nothing was comfortable. I heard about Knitted Knockers from my sister and ordered some two weeks ago as we are going on holiday this summer. The parcel arrived last week, I was apprehensive about how they would feel having tried other options but I needn’t have worried, so comfortable, my confidence is back and I am looking forward to our family holiday and being able to wear the clothes I haven’t worn for a while. Thanks for all the good work you do.

– Catherine H.
July 10, 2018

My breast surgeon gave me one because I was just using a sock, I have an implant in one side ,the other side got infected and was removed and I just never got a new one put in so I used my husbands socks. These are great looks better than a sock I’m so happy! It fills in better more realistic! Thank you for whoever sent her some I will be ordering more! I don’t knit but I would like to make a donation so you can keep helping women!
Thank you,

– Lori Felten
July 10, 2018

A heart felt thanks to knitted knockers! I ordered one for my mom who has lost a lot of weight…she was so happy to get it in the mail, and quickly it was!!! A perfect fit!!! I love the smile I see on her face!!! Thank you all knitted knockers for your kindness!!! You all lift so many lives!!! Mom loves it!!! Thanks again!!!

– Patty James
July 9, 2018

I ordered a knitted knocker for my Mum, when it arrived it was well presented in its own little bag with a small knitted heart. It also had a lovely handwritten note from the volunteer called Meriel. Mum loves it, it fits well and comes with extra padding if needed and can also remove padding to suit your needs. Putting in an order for a 2nd one in another colour shortly! We have donated by paypal to this well deserved charity.

Thank you very much.

– Jane & Pauline Varley
July 1, 2018

Wow, heartfelt thanks to Barbara for my lovely Knitted knocker, it arrived just as we pulled off our driveway to go camping. I packed a couple of summer dresses and t-shirts not really thinking I would have the confidence to wear them, well this made all the difference. I cannot thank you enough xxx

– Rach Mitchell
June 24, 2018

I had my mastectomy on the 10th of April unfortunately I had a lot of fluid and infection and only in the last couple of days have started to feel better I haven’t been able to wear the softies provided by the breast care nurse it was to painful and sore I ordered my knitted knocker and received it made by a lovely lady called Nicky who also sent some love heart sweets and a beautiful handwritten card I’ve only been wearing it for this last week and it’s amazing comfortable and makes me feel so good in myself thank you so much Nicky xxxx

– Sandra
June 20, 2018

I received my knockers about 3 weeks ago , was going through radiation still had burns,So now I am so happy to tell you these are so natural feeling I love them, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

– Karen
June 18, 2018

Today I received my knitted knockers, they are not just beautifully made but I can tell that they were made with love & care by a lovely lady called Judi . They came with not only extra stuffing, a little love and hope card & love heart sweets, but a personally card from Judi herself , such a kind thoughtful touch.
I can’t thank you all at Knitted Knockers enough & especially judi for the service you supply.
Thank you again & love to all you lovely ladies.

– Trudi
June 10, 2018

I am 4 weeks post right mastectomy & just received my ‘knockers’. My sister saw your article & sent it to me after my surgery. I can tell you that I ordered prothesis from elsewhere & they don’t compare to your Knitted Knockers. They’ve been just what I needed. I have very sensitive skin & these are wonderful. I needed something that ‘looked’ natural as that’s what I’ve been struggling with. I LOVE LOVE THESE!! A BIG Thank You to Elizabeth & God Bless you all.

– Jackie N.