Knitted Knockers

Request a Knocker – US ONLY

This form is intended for U.S. orders only. For international orders, please see our list of international providers. There are wonderful groups spread around the world. If there is not a provider in your country, please let us know by sending us a note on our contact form.


How will I get my Knocker?

  • We receive requests via email or website communication.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of the request usually within 3 days by sending you a copy of your request.  Yahoo and AOL emails will not receive this confirmation due to technicalities.
  • If not readily available a request will be made to our volunteer knitters.
  • The completed order is forwarded to you via US mail or can be picked up in Whatcom County, Washington.

How long until I receive my knitted knockers?

Every effort will be made to provide your knocker within two weeks but if supplies are low it can take up to a month. Don’t hesitate to ask on the status if it’s been awhile.

What colors are available?

  • All our knockers are made by volunteers and they are using yarn paid for out of their own pocket.
  • We can usually accommodate the choice of a neutral or bright color but if you are willing to wait we can probably get a specific color made of your choice.

What about special needs such as allergies?

Since volunteers are making knockers from their own resources we cannot guarantee the content of them. We do request that they use soft, washable yarn (not wool). The knockers are stuffed with a polyfil similar to what is used in pillows. If allergies are an issue we may be able to make a custom one of special yarn if you are willing to wait for it. We cannot guarantee it but will do every thing we can to make sure it’s what you requested.

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