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International mail delivery is interrupted to many countries due to COVID-19 and other service impacts. We are unable to fill orders outside the United States at this time.

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COVID-19 Update

We are still filling orders to the best of our ability. Please take all prudent precautions as these are handmade items and delivered through the mail. Be patient as things are taking longer than normal. Due to limited supply please limit your order to one set and wait 6 months for reorders.

What colors are available?

  • Choose “Light Neutral” for light colors including white, cream, beige, and sand.
  • Choose “Dark Neutral” for colors including black, brown, dark beige.
  • Choose “Pastel/Bright” for all other colors including pink, yellow, blue, green and multi-colored.
  • All our knockers are made by volunteers and they are using yarn paid for out of their own pocket.
  • We can usually accommodate the choice of a light or dark neutral or bright color but if you are willing to wait we can probably get a specific color made of your choice.

How will I get my Knocker?

  • We receive requests via email or website communication.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of the request usually within a few minutes by emailing you a copy of your request. Yahoo and AOL emails may not receive this confirmation due to technicalities. If you have not received this auto-response email we did not receive your order. Check your spam or Junk mail folder for an email from or
  • If not readily available a request will be made to our volunteer knitters.
  • The completed order is forwarded to you via US mail or can be picked up in Whatcom County, Washington.

How long until I receive my knitted knockers?

The hope is you will receive your order in about 2 weeks but it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your knockers. They are made by volunteers and so are dependent on availability. Feel free to confirm your order after 4 weeks. If you do not receive an email confirming your order right after checking out and you are not an AOL or Yahoo subscriber we did not receive your order. Be sure to “Place Your Order”. Check your spam or junk mail for a confirmation email from

What about special needs such as allergies?

Since volunteers are making knockers from their own resources we cannot guarantee the content of them. We do request that they use soft, washable yarn (not wool). The knockers are stuffed with a polyfil similar to what is used in pillows. If allergies are an issue we may be able to make a custom one of special yarn if you are willing to wait for it. We cannot guarantee it but will do everything we can to make sure it’s what you requested.

Want Knocker(s) for swimming?

Your regular knitted knockers will work but we recommend a separate pair dedicated for swimming. Some swimming knockers may be made with an acrylic blend and/or be stuffed with a different filling. To order enter under Additional Information at checkout that you would like knocker(s) for swimming. Please make sure to make it clear whether the pair you are ordering is for swimming or this is in addition to the ones ordered on the form.

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