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Meet Knitted Knockers Wichita Kansas!

Knitted Knockers in Wichita started in April 2017. Pictured is Tina  Heston who started with us 2 yrs ago and now supplies clinics in KC. Next is Kathy Chaney and Carla Williams who have been with me from day one. Then Beverly Kirk my sister who nominated us for a $500 award which kept us in yarn for a year. She helps stuff them. Then me Sharon Williams.  I’m a 2x breast cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed I discovered knitted knockers but there wasn’t a group near me so I started this group. We supply 8 clinics here in Wichita. We also have Laurie Marceau and Diana Fowler who were unable to be with us for the photo. 

So wonderful going strong after all these years! Supplying knockers for the women of Kansas.  You are rock stars supporting 8 medical clinics!!!!

Meet Knitted Knockers France and a very special member of their team. Wow! Real men can knit!

Back in August 2020, Knitted Knockers France put together 21 wonderful volunteer women from 10 different regions in France, who have been knitting, crocheting and helping in all possible ways to get to those Amazones who need us. I have felt lucky to have an active and sensitive group of women who are always ready not only to knit but to help in any way possible. I’ve never thought a man could possibly join us although I have read how much husbands of fighter women support them to go through their battle like my own hubby has done. Well about a month ago, Jayne Mannion our colleague from Charentes in France forwarded me an email from Thomas who was requesting to join our KKF team. I have to be honest I was very surprised and I must say than when I called Thomas to interview him before having him to join our group my surprise and admiration was even greater.

Thomas is French/German. He learnt how to knit when he was 12 years old at the school he was attending in Germany where all skills were to be learnt by boys and girls without any difference. When he sent me some pics about his knitting I just went WOW!!!! he does delicate and detailed knitting hardly made even by experienced knitter women. Not only he is a great knitter but a lovely man with a huge heart. After 25 years as Marketing Director for international festivals and theaters he had enough of show time and became a Shiatsu therapist. He helps people fighting against cancer alleviate the side effects of their treatments, so as soon as he heard about us he didn’t hesitate to join us. He has been fighting himself against an illness for 30 years so he knows how much people, no matter if they’re men or women, need support and comfort when going through fighting for life. When I asked Thomas why he wanted to join us, his answer was simple: ” being a man does not put you aside when talking about breast cancer. We owe our existence to mothers, we have sisters, cousins, wives and friends so we can not just ignore it. All the way around, I call men to join KK because only by knitting and receiving a big smile from an Amazone warrior you will feel like a hero”

Thomas who speaks four languages also helped us to translate the Bottom Up version into French making it easier for those who would like to join us to begin knitting in an easy way, men or women. He added a message to future knitter men: “don’t be shy, how many women have joined “men’s jobs”?! it’s time for us to join their world and show women we might also be capable to do what they do”.

As KKF leader I’m very proud to have Thomas in our team!


Meet Kathy and The Knockers A Way Group Serving the Women of Oregon

Meet Kathy Bell a member of Knockers A Way providing knockers to the women of Oregon. “We currently have 25 knitters that contribute. Since starting knitting in 2016 we have sent 4400+ knockers to their new, forever home. 🥰. Way to go Kathy, Sue and team! Such a long faithful service helping so many women in the beautiful state of Oregon! That is one huge box of stuffing there!!!

Meet the “Great Knockers Again” Group serving the women of Colorado and beyond!

Colorado’s Great Knockers Again group just fulfilled their 1,000th request via the Knitted Knockers website! Gathering at Piney Creek Yarn in Centennial, CO, the team serves the metro Denver area from south of Parker, north to Longmont and Brighton, and west to Lakewood! Our group of dedicated crafters began hosting monthly meetings in October 2017, gathering monthly in camaraderie to create Knitted Knockers. At each subsequent month’s meeting Knockers were collected, then stuffed, packaged and mailed — 6 sets by the end of that first year. We built relationships with medical clinics and recruited new members – helping to fulfill requests and distribute 975 Knockers by the end of 2018. By the end of 2019, we had supplied a total of 1,597 knitted and crocheted Knockers to Colorado breast cancer survivors! At the start of 2020, our Great Knockers Again crew totaled 30 members and we were stocking 16 Denver-area medical clinics and participating in a wide range of breast cancer awareness events to help spread the word about Knitted Knockers.

In pre-Covid times, we held two annual Knit-a-Thon events — hosting 85 attendees the first year and 110 crafters at our second event. It was heartwarming to see so many sharing an enthusiasm for knitting and crocheting mobilized to help stock us with Knockers! New friendships formed at our Knit-a-Thons soon led to the launch of a second monthly meeting gathering one evening per month at our local library, or as they like to say: “We Knit Our Knockers at Night.”

If the safer-at-home Covid-19 restrictions have shown us anything, it is the generosity and thoughtfulness of our crafters. With a “What else do I have to do?” mentality, Great Knockers Again members have dedicated their pandemic time to “stay home and craft on.” When we were able to safely collect their creations, more than 200 Knockers were delivered to a socially distanced table outside our usual meeting place, Piney Creek Yarn! After gathering so many completed Knockers, our next month’s project was a “Grab and Go” stuffing event – providing volunteers all the pieces needed to stuff and package 455 Knockers for distribution.

With our Knitted Knockers supplies well-stocked, we are dedicating the 2020 holiday season to creating chemo hats for clinics serving men and women fighting cancer, as well as providing acrylic/wool blend hats, scarves, and gloves that won’t freeze when they get wet for the “Hats for the Homeless” project. Since shifting to creating hats our volunteers have already supplied 34 chemo hats to clinics and are working on a variety of warm items which will be delivered directly to Denver area homeless camps.

Thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm, generosity, and flexibility of all of our crafters, we have continually shifted focus to respond to our community during these unpredictable times. We thank Knitted Knockers Support Foundation for their tireless support and advice.

Thank you Great Knockers Again for providing comfort and dignity to those in need!

Knit-A-Thon 2019
Mary & Nora
Mailing Knockers

Meet the “Northern Nevada Knotty Knitters/Crocheters” serving the women of the great state of Nevada and beyond!

Northern Nevada Knotty Knitters/Crocheters started as a call from a colleague who saw the 2016 Dear Abby article. She mentioned a friend of hers would really love to try them. After a tour of the Knitted Knocker site, it was evident this was a very worthwhile donation of time and energy. Those first Knockers started our eventual amazing group.

From one knitter to two friends knitting and crocheting to three who secured our meeting place, Copper Cat Studio, to twelve and growing. We meet every first Tuesday (or will again) to stuff, sort and share, not only Knockers but cards and emails from recipients that lift us all and keep our hearts full. We are breast cancer survivors, family members, friends and artists who want to provide a little comfort for women.

Our member Leslie speaks for all of us and says, “I love that I can use one of my favorite activities, knitting, to make a positive difference in another woman’s life!”

We send orders to the whole state of Nevada, keep a local hospital cancer resource boutique stocked, and provide three clinics with baskets of literature and samples. A highlight of Spring and Fall is to bring Knitted Knockers to fundraisers in Reno by sponsoring tables at local events.

Knitted Knockers brings comfort to those who need them and joy to those who make them. We are grateful to be a part of this amazing organization.

In Recognition of National Military Family Month meet super veteran volunteer and survivor Kerrie. Thank you for her service!

My name is Kerrie Collings. I am a disabled/retired veteran. I served in the US Navy as a cryptology technician operator/maintenance – CTO/M. After the military, I worked for the Veterans Affairs as a National Service Officer/Rating Specialist before taking my disability retirement from the military. I have been knitting knockers for a little over a year now. I learned about Knitted Knockers after being diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2018. I have since had a bilateral mastectomy and, although I am still unable to wear any myself, I love making knockers for others. Having breasts makes your clothes fit better, you feel more confident when your clothes fit right. So I completely enjoy being able to contribute to those positive feelings for others. I have knit orders from the website as a provider/volunteer as well as answering individual requests from Facebook. I haven’t tried crocheting knockers yet. Maybe that will be next! My favorite yarns to work with are natural fiber blends. My favorite knockers were a turquoise blue I did in a merino blend as a special request for a lady in the United Kingdom. She later confessed her new puppy got ahold of one and made it her new snuggle. Thank goodness she only needed one knocker!

Meet the “Made With Love” Group at Cynthia’s Corner Yarn Shop in Gainesville, Texas. Serving the Spanish speaking community and women of the great state of Texas!

These knitters and crocheters began to meet several years ago to use their talents for good while enjoying each other’s company. Initially, they made requested items for two senior living facilities and a family violence shelter. In 2016 knitted knockers entered the project list, along with giving afghans to victims of fires and tornadoes. This small group of women in a rural community began to have a big impact on their local area, and beyond. How small a group, and how small a community? Maybe ten members on a good day, in a town of 16,000.

2017 was a banner year for Made With Love. In November, they became state providers for Knitted Knockers. The following month they delivered 117 afghans to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Port Aransas, Texas. No one wondered what these women were doing in their spare time!

Since becoming state providers, the Made With Love group has provided knockers for more than one thousand women, primarily in Texas. Currently, they are helping Ohio as well. They have served the Hispanic community in Texas in Spanish and created the first translation of the care sheets into Spanish used by  What of their other projects? Those are ongoing. “Disaster afghans”, stuffed animals for the family violence shelter, hats, mittens, washcloths for the homeless facility…whatever is needed, wherever it’s needed, these women meet the challenge.

How has Covid changed this? The full group can now meet only on Zoom. Groups of two or three at a time can meet at the shop to work and visit. They have had to forego birthday meals and holiday gatherings. Instead of making meals for members who are ill, phone calls, Facetime, and Zoom have to suffice. Members who aren’t able, or aren’t comfortable to leave home are now making knockers and sending them to the shop. There are also half a dozen knitters in distant communities who make knockers and mail them in.

Texans are proud of being “good neighbors”. To the women of Made With Love, anyone in need is a neighbor.

Meet Gail, Super volunteer since 2016. Not even the devastating lava flows in Hawaii stopped her from caring for others! What a blessing her and her group make to so many in Hawaii!

Gail BuckIt’s just retired me knitting away here in Pahoa, HI. I call my “group” Lava You Knitters for the lava river that flowed through my subdivision two years ago. My mother, who also knits, says it has kept her sane over the years. I understand that. I started working for this charity on August 25, 2016. My total orders filled to date is 874.

In Recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month meet ELLAS, A wonderful Latina group providing Knitted Knockers

ELLAS is a proud partner of Knitted Knockers, supporting low-income breast cancer survivors with free Knitted Knockers.

ELLAS is an initiative of The Resurrection Project which raises awareness and educates Latinas on breast cancer and supports women diagnosed with accessing health and resources. ELLAS was established in 2012 as a response to the lack of support and health services for undocumented and uninsured women. The group is made up of breast cancer survivors and volunteers, that are not only a support group but raise money to provide education and resources to women diagnosed.

For more information on ELLAS please reach out to Araceli Lucio, or call (312) 880-1888!

Meet Jane Making a difference for the women of Alabama!

Jane Bailey
Hi! I’m Jane Bailey, a State Supplier for Alabama! I appreciate being part of this group. I am a retired Librarian for the city of Columbiana, a small town south of Birmingham. I love making Knitted Knockers! If I can make a difference in a woman’s confidence, then I am more than happy to do it. I don’t belong to a group, I’m just one person trying to make a difference for others. This group is a blessing to me!

Find more about these and other groups in our Directory.

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