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Our Volunteer Spotlight

In Recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month meet ELLAS, A wonderful Latina group providing Knitted Knockers

ELLAS is a proud partner of Knitted Knockers, supporting low-income breast cancer survivors with free Knitted Knockers.

ELLAS is an initiative of The Resurrection Project which raises awareness and educates Latinas on breast cancer and supports women diagnosed with accessing health and resources. ELLAS was established in 2012 as a response to the lack of support and health services for undocumented and uninsured women. The group is made up of breast cancer survivors and volunteers, that are not only a support group but raise money to provide education and resources to women diagnosed.

For more information on ELLAS please reach out to Araceli Lucio, or call (312) 880-1888!

Meet Jane Making a difference for the women of Alabama!

Jane Bailey
Hi! I’m Jane Bailey, a State Supplier for Alabama! I appreciate being part of this group. I am a retired Librarian for the city of Columbiana, a small town south of Birmingham. I love making Knitted Knockers! If I can make a difference in a woman’s confidence, then I am more than happy to do it. I don’t belong to a group, I’m just one person trying to make a difference for others. This group is a blessing to me!

Meet Laura and her kids supporting her local medical Center in Kentucky.

“This is me and my kids dropping off at a medical center in Lexington, KY. Thanks to some fabulous knitters in Louisville.”

Thank you Laura for “adopting” one of the over 1,500 medical clinics providing free knitted knockers to their patients!

Meet Lenore and her Mom, state suppliers helping to provide knitted knockers to the women of New Jersey.

Sadly Lenore sent me this message today:

“It is with a broken heart that I say my beloved mom passed last night at age 95. She was a big fan of knitted knockers . Last year she filled 525 for me❤️. Her comment always was ‘I like this’. Plus, she had to fill them just right. I just can’t imagine life without her💔. She is being sent off with a picture of her filling the KNOCKERS. My aunt min, her sister, who was blind was an avid knitter. She filled 50 as well.”

Thank you Lenore for all you and your mom and aunt have done making a difference in women’s lives. You are a beautiful example of love in action.

Say Hi to Knitted Knockers Tucson

We are knitted Knockers Tucson. We supply the State of Arizona and help other States when they need it. We also supply Arizona Oncology offices in Town. 2 ladies crochet and 2 knit. We were at lunch at a wonderful restaurant. It is so fun to get together once a year. 2 of our members are snow birds and travel a lot. One of our ladies makes beautiful pine baskets and has taught 2 classes at my house. Another of our members puts a heart on the back of every knocker she makes. 2 of us are nurses one retired one still works full time and finds the time to help. I am D.J/ Dale the state provider and do many events to educate others about Knitted Knockers. I was on a local news station one year. I have never been so proud and honored to belong to any other group as much as this one. I am so thankful for these 3 volunteers I could not do it without them. True angels helping women they don’t know to feel confident, comfortable and whole.

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