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Meet the “Northern Nevada Knotty Knitters/Crocheters” serving the women of the great state of Nevada and beyond!

Northern Nevada Knotty Knitters/Crocheters started as a call from a colleague who saw the 2016 Dear Abby article. She mentioned a friend of hers would really love to try them. After a tour of the Knitted Knocker site, it was evident this was a very worthwhile donation of time and energy. Those first Knockers started our eventual amazing group.

From one knitter to two friends knitting and crocheting to three who secured our meeting place, Copper Cat Studio, to twelve and growing. We meet every first Tuesday (or will again) to stuff, sort and share, not only Knockers but cards and emails from recipients that lift us all and keep our hearts full. We are breast cancer survivors, family members, friends and artists who want to provide a little comfort for women.

Our member Leslie speaks for all of us and says, “I love that I can use one of my favorite activities, knitting, to make a positive difference in another woman’s life!”

We send orders to the whole state of Nevada, keep a local hospital cancer resource boutique stocked, and provide three clinics with baskets of literature and samples. A highlight of Spring and Fall is to bring Knitted Knockers to fundraisers in Reno by sponsoring tables at local events.

Knitted Knockers brings comfort to those who need them and joy to those who make them. We are grateful to be a part of this amazing organization.

In Recognition of National Military Family Month meet super veteran volunteer and survivor Kerrie. Thank you for her service!

My name is Kerrie Collings. I am a disabled/retired veteran. I served in the US Navy as a cryptology technician operator/maintenance – CTO/M. After the military, I worked for the Veterans Affairs as a National Service Officer/Rating Specialist before taking my disability retirement from the military. I have been knitting knockers for a little over a year now. I learned about Knitted Knockers after being diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2018. I have since had a bilateral mastectomy and, although I am still unable to wear any myself, I love making knockers for others. Having breasts makes your clothes fit better, you feel more confident when your clothes fit right. So I completely enjoy being able to contribute to those positive feelings for others. I have knit orders from the website as a provider/volunteer as well as answering individual requests from Facebook. I haven’t tried crocheting knockers yet. Maybe that will be next! My favorite yarns to work with are natural fiber blends. My favorite knockers were a turquoise blue I did in a merino blend as a special request for a lady in the United Kingdom. She later confessed her new puppy got ahold of one and made it her new snuggle. Thank goodness she only needed one knocker!

Meet the “Made With Love” Group at Cynthia’s Corner Yarn Shop in Gainesville, Texas. Serving the Spanish speaking community and women of the great state of Texas!

These knitters and crocheters began to meet several years ago to use their talents for good while enjoying each other’s company. Initially, they made requested items for two senior living facilities and a family violence shelter. In 2016 knitted knockers entered the project list, along with giving afghans to victims of fires and tornadoes. This small group of women in a rural community began to have a big impact on their local area, and beyond. How small a group, and how small a community? Maybe ten members on a good day, in a town of 16,000.

2017 was a banner year for Made With Love. In November, they became state providers for Knitted Knockers. The following month they delivered 117 afghans to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Port Aransas, Texas. No one wondered what these women were doing in their spare time!

Since becoming state providers, the Made With Love group has provided knockers for more than one thousand women, primarily in Texas. Currently, they are helping Ohio as well. They have served the Hispanic community in Texas in Spanish and created the first translation of the care sheets into Spanish used by  What of their other projects? Those are ongoing. “Disaster afghans”, stuffed animals for the family violence shelter, hats, mittens, washcloths for the homeless facility…whatever is needed, wherever it’s needed, these women meet the challenge.

How has Covid changed this? The full group can now meet only on Zoom. Groups of two or three at a time can meet at the shop to work and visit. They have had to forego birthday meals and holiday gatherings. Instead of making meals for members who are ill, phone calls, Facetime, and Zoom have to suffice. Members who aren’t able, or aren’t comfortable to leave home are now making knockers and sending them to the shop. There are also half a dozen knitters in distant communities who make knockers and mail them in.

Texans are proud of being “good neighbors”. To the women of Made With Love, anyone in need is a neighbor.

Meet Gail, Super volunteer since 2016. Not even the devastating lava flows in Hawaii stopped her from caring for others! What a blessing her and her group make to so many in Hawaii!

Gail BuckIt’s just retired me knitting away here in Pahoa, HI. I call my “group” Lava You Knitters for the lava river that flowed through my subdivision two years ago. My mother, who also knits, says it has kept her sane over the years. I understand that. I started working for this charity on August 25, 2016. My total orders filled to date is 874.

In Recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month meet ELLAS, A wonderful Latina group providing Knitted Knockers

ELLAS is a proud partner of Knitted Knockers, supporting low-income breast cancer survivors with free Knitted Knockers.

ELLAS is an initiative of The Resurrection Project which raises awareness and educates Latinas on breast cancer and supports women diagnosed with accessing health and resources. ELLAS was established in 2012 as a response to the lack of support and health services for undocumented and uninsured women. The group is made up of breast cancer survivors and volunteers, that are not only a support group but raise money to provide education and resources to women diagnosed.

For more information on ELLAS please reach out to Araceli Lucio, or call (312) 880-1888!

Meet Jane Making a difference for the women of Alabama!

Jane Bailey
Hi! I’m Jane Bailey, a State Supplier for Alabama! I appreciate being part of this group. I am a retired Librarian for the city of Columbiana, a small town south of Birmingham. I love making Knitted Knockers! If I can make a difference in a woman’s confidence, then I am more than happy to do it. I don’t belong to a group, I’m just one person trying to make a difference for others. This group is a blessing to me!

Meet Laura and her kids supporting her local medical Center in Kentucky.

“This is me and my kids dropping off at a medical center in Lexington, KY. Thanks to some fabulous knitters in Louisville.”

Thank you Laura for “adopting” one of the over 1,500 medical clinics providing free knitted knockers to their patients!

Meet Lenore and her Mom, state suppliers helping to provide knitted knockers to the women of New Jersey.

Sadly Lenore sent me this message today:

“It is with a broken heart that I say my beloved mom passed last night at age 95. She was a big fan of knitted knockers . Last year she filled 525 for me❤️. Her comment always was ‘I like this’. Plus, she had to fill them just right. I just can’t imagine life without her💔. She is being sent off with a picture of her filling the KNOCKERS. My aunt min, her sister, who was blind was an avid knitter. She filled 50 as well.”

Thank you Lenore for all you and your mom and aunt have done making a difference in women’s lives. You are a beautiful example of love in action.

Say Hi to Knitted Knockers Tucson

We are knitted Knockers Tucson. We supply the State of Arizona and help other States when they need it. We also supply Arizona Oncology offices in Town. 2 ladies crochet and 2 knit. We were at lunch at a wonderful restaurant. It is so fun to get together once a year. 2 of our members are snow birds and travel a lot. One of our ladies makes beautiful pine baskets and has taught 2 classes at my house. Another of our members puts a heart on the back of every knocker she makes. 2 of us are nurses one retired one still works full time and finds the time to help. I am D.J/ Dale the state provider and do many events to educate others about Knitted Knockers. I was on a local news station one year. I have never been so proud and honored to belong to any other group as much as this one. I am so thankful for these 3 volunteers I could not do it without them. True angels helping women they don’t know to feel confident, comfortable and whole.

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