Ordering Directly from International Groups

Below you will find groups willing to fill orders for the people in your country. Please contact them directly to order your breast forms. They should follow up with you with more information about your order. If you have questions or do not get your order filled in a reasonable amount of time (4 weeks or so) contact us to request us to fill your order from the US.


Knitted Knockers Australia
Email: burwoodn@nullbigpond.net.au
Address: Burwood, Victoria
Website: https://www.facebook.com/knittedknockersaustralia/
Phone: 03 9808-6292 or International 613 9808-4069
*not affiliated with knittedknockers.org


Mamas Solidárias - Tricota Curitiba
Contact Name: Daísma Vaz
Email: canaldaylandia@nullgmail.com
Address: Brasília, Varjão
Phone: (628) 236-3289
Website: https://tricotacuritiba.com.br/2017/06/05/sorteio-de-brindes-x-campanha-solidaria/
Campaign in Brazil to raise awareness of the population against breast cancer and help women victims of mastectomy surgery.


Cambodia Knits/Phnom Penh Stitch and Bitch
Email: info@nullCambodiaknits.com
Address: #116, St 113, Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Website: https://phnompenhstitchnbitch.wordpress.com/
We work in affiliation with Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE’s breast cancer program, which provides an education, screening and treatment program for poor women in Cambodia. Please contact us and we will do what we can to fill your order.


Knitted Knockers of Canada
Contact Name: Nancy Thomson
Email: nancy@nullknittedknockerscanada.com
Address: 115 Fiddlehead Cres., Waterdown, ON
Phone: (289) 895-8916
Website: http://www.knittedknockerscanada.com/


Knitted Knockers Tbilisi
Contact Name: Lesley Baxter
Email: Lesleybax@nullbtinternet.com
Address: 17 Sh. Radiani Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
We invite requests for free knockers from women throughout the Republic of Georgia and Caucuses region. We also invite volunteers to join us to knit or crochet knockers. Can’t knit? There are other ways to help – we welcome donations of yarn or help with distribution.


Anke Juettner
Email: knittedknockersgermany@nullweb.de
Address: Neubiberg, Bavaria
Phone: (089) 606-0063
I am here to help and ready to please. Please do not hesitate to contact me! Ruft mich an, ich helfe gern!


Knitted Knockers Indonesia
Contact Name: Rosalina Lee
Email: knittedknockersindonesia@nullgmail.com
Address: Metro Permata I Block C6/9, Tangerang, Banten
Phone: +62 819 08667870
Website: https://www.facebook.com/knittedknockersindonesia/
Knitted Knockers Indonesia
Coordinator: Rosalina Lee

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knittedknockersindonesia/
Youtube: Knitted Knockers Indonesia
Instagram: knittedknockersindonesia


Knitted Knockers for Northern Ireland
Contact Name: Joanne Harris
Email: knittedknockersofni@nullgmail.com
Address: 16 Gracefield Lodge, Dollingstown, County Armagh, Craigavon, Armagh
Phone: 07562574449
Hi my name is Joanne I am setting up a Knitted Knockers for Northern Ireland linking with Washington State USA :). I met my friend whenever I was 5 we are now 52, She has had a mastectomy and finds the Prosthetic heavy.. after researching this I have found this is relevant to many ladies and whilst looking for options i came across the amazing Knitted Knockers .... It is a long time since I knit anything so I am calling on the Ladies and Gentlemen of Northern Ireland to join me in setting up a Knitted Knockers for Northern Ireland 🙂 First meeting will take place in Seagoe hotel Portadown, Co Armagh on Monday 25th July 2016 at 7pm just report to reception hope to see you all there thanks Jox

Knitted Knockers Ireland
Contact Name: Anne Cooke
Email: knittedknockersireland@nullgmail.com
Address: 31 Grangemore Drive, Dublin, Donaghmede
Phone: 087 1673220
Website: https://knittedknockersireland.wordpress.com/
Knitted Knockers Ireland was set up in May 2015 by Linda Burgess and Ann Cooke and is based in Donaghmede, Dublin, where we meet regularly in Donaghmede Public Library. Free Knitted Knockers are available by post or through many shops and cancer support centres around the country that always have a stock on hand in a variety of sizes and colours. Please check our Facebook page for details of where they are available or contact us directly to have them posted to you. Ann & Linda
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KnittedKnockersIreland/


Cheer Woman - 乳がん体験者のためのコミュニティサイト「チアウーマン」内、手作りおっぱい部
Contact Name: チアウーマン事務局
Email: info@nullcheerwoman.com
Address: Rohto: Tokyo BLDG 5F, 1-7-5 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JP
Phone: 81-3-6712-6392
Website: https://cheerwoman.com/lp/lp_01.html
私たちは、乳がん体験者のためのコミュニティサイト「チアウーマン」の中で楽しく 手編みのおっぱいを編んでいる「手作りおっぱい部」です。 日本人女性にも広く広まって欲しいと思い、使い心地や下着との相性などを考慮した 改良版の編み図を作成しました。 今はまだ外部からオーダーをもらっても、編んでお返しすることは出来ませんが、イ ンターネットを使える環境にあるならば、手作りおっぱい部 (https://cheerwoman.com)を訪れてみてください。ワイワイと楽しく教えあってい ます。 編み物がお好きな方は、この編み図 (https://www.knittedknockers.org/download/1525)をご自由にお使いください。 ご不明な点があれば、お気軽にメール下さい。

Knitted Knockers Tokyo
Contact Name: Asuka WACHI
Email: knittedknockers.tokyo@nullgmail.com
Address: 1-11-8-208 higashi-izumi, Komae City, Tokyo
Phone: (906) 899-8268
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1097291650337667/
We will be happy to provide for any women in Japan. Feel free to contact us.


Asociación Knitted Knockers Costa del Sol
Contact Name: Maria Bailey
Email: info.spanishknockers@nullgmail.com
Address: Calle Ronda del Golf este s/n, Las Adelfas, 5,2,4B, Benalmadena, Málaga
Website: http://kkscostadelsol.org/
We are a non profit group of volunteers, making and providing knitted knockers to ladies who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Although we are based in the Costa del Sol area of Spain, we will accept orders from Morocco. We welcome donations and are grateful for any support.


Jaqi Haensel
Email: jaqi.haensel@nullgmail.com
Address: P.O Box 1380, Otjiwarongo, Namibia
Phone: (081) 235-6192
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/849291111762489/
Is a dormant group currently, but we are in the beginning of making it a running one. Soft Hearts objective was for Cancer kids in our State Hospitals wanted to make beanies and toys for them. Would love to add Knitted Knockers for the mothers as well. ♥


De Breischool
Contact Name: Corrie Kuster
Email: debreischool@nullgmail.com
Address: Kruizemunt 16, Noordwijk, ZH
Phone: (064) 453-3756
Website: http://www.debreischool.com
For ladies that live around Noordwijk (Netherlands) we are happy to knit or crochet Knockers for free.

Knitted Knockers Zaandam e.o.
Contact Name: Judith Zeeman
Email: knittedknockerszaandam@nullhotmail.com
Address: Kleine Tocht, 7L, Zaandam, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 75 6124024
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1574967585909160/
Knitted Knockers zijn speciale, zachte, licht gewicht gebreide of gehaakte borstprotheses die zeer comfortabel zijn voor vrouwen die een borstoperatie hebben ondergaan.
Deze protheses kunnen gedragen worden met elke gewone beha, ze nemen de vorm van een gewone borst aan en zijn wasbaar in de machine.
De protheses zijn makkelijk aan te passen daar je er makkelijk wat vulling uithaalt of erbij kan doen.

De protheses zijn te gebruiken in de eerste 6 tot 8 weken na de operatie maar ook daarna kunt u ze gebruiken.
Wilt u graag zwemmen met de prothese dan adviseren wij om acryl te gebruiken ipv katoen.
Dit omdat katoen er veel langer over doet om te drogen dan Acryl.
Als u Knitted knockers wil haken dan adviseren wij om dunner katoen te gebruiken anders word de borst te stijf.

Het doel van Knitted Knockers is dat iedereen die een alternatief zoekt voor een silicone prothese deze te helpen.
Dit proberen we te bereiken door de protheses vrijwillig te breien of te haken. Zodat de breiprotheses voor iedereen gratis zijn.
Alleen als de Knitters Knockers verstuurd moeten worden vragen we een bijdrage van €6,95.

Wij vragen voor onze haak-in en breicafé €2,00
Dit gaat in het prothese potje, hieruit worden dan weer garen en vulling betaald om het voor iedereen mogelijk te maken om aan dit prachtige project mee te werken.

Contact Name: Lies Koster
Email: Lies@nulltricottieten.nl
Address: Richtersmaatstraat 2, Oldenzaal, Overijssel
Phone: (064) 971-0415
Website: http://www.tricottieten.nl/
Tricot Tieten zijn gratis, zachte, confortabele, gebreide borstprotheses die gebruikt kunnen worden door vrouwen die een borstoperatie hebben ondergaan. Ze kunnen meestal gewoon in de bh gedragen worden en ze zijn permanent aanpasbaar, (dus ook bij borstreconstructie). Ze kunnen ook gebruikt worden in een zwempak, de vulling verandert niet in het water. Belangrijk is dat zoveel mogelijk mensen het patroon hebben zodat veel vrijwilligers de Tricot Tieten kunnen breien. Daarom hebben we als eerste het patroon op onze website tricottieten.nl gezet en een flyer met het patroon gemaakt.
It is important that as many people as possible get to know the pattern to knit the knitted knockers. So the Dutch pattern had priority on our website tricottieten.nl.
Knitted Knockers are free, soft, comfortable knitted brest prosthesis, that can be used by brest cancer survivers. KK mostly can be used in a normal bra and they are permanently adaptable, so also after/during reconstruction). They can also be used in a swimsuit, because the stuffing is waterproof. It is important that as many people as possible get to know the pattern to knit the knitted knockers. So the Dutch pattern had priority on our website tricottieten.nl.


BRAvo of Madeira Island
Contact Name: Rita Goulart
Email: info@nullboldaciouscreations.com
Address: Maderia Island, Maderia
Phone: 011 351 291 644171
Website: http://www.BoldaciousCreations.com
BRAvo of Madeira Island is devoted to supporting our sister breast cancer survivors of Madeira Island by producing and distributing knitted knockers made with love by a team of dedicated volunteers. Ladies, grab your needles & crochet hooks and let's get pearling . Contact info@nullboldaciouscreations.com or ritagoulart1@nullverizon.net to learn more about how you can help the women of Madeira. visit www.boldaciouscreations.com.

Bravo Madeira quer devotar o seu temp produzindo e distribuindo prosteticos em tricot and crochet, fieto com amor e voluntarias dedicadas. Senhoras vamos comercar este projectco com-as agulhas de malha e de crochet.Par favor contacte este www.boldaciouscreations.com


Knitted Knockers Singapore
Contact Name: Ms. Lyn Ee
Email: knittedknockers.sgp@nullgmail.com
Address: 200 Jalan Sultan, #03-17 Textile Centre, Singapore
Phone: +65 98303346
We are a group of volunteers who want to reach out to breast cancer survivors and share with them the knowledge of the Knitted Knockers. Our Knockers are specially knitted by Those Who Care. If you are a breast cancer survivor or know anyone who is one, please contact us for more information. All inquiries are welcome. Our Knitted Knockers are given out free of cost.


Asociación Knitted Knockers Costa del Sol
Contact Name: Maria Bailey
Email: info.spanishknockers@nullgmail.com
Address: Calle Ronda del Golf este s/n, Las Adelfas, 5,2,4B, Benalmadena, Málaga
Website: http://kkscostadelsol.org/
We are a non profit group of volunteers, making and providing knitted knockers to ladies who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Although we are based in the Costa del Sol area of Spain, we will accept orders from any part of the country. We welcome donations and are grateful for any support.

Un grupo formado por voluntarias, que proporcionaa knockers de punto gratis a las mujeres a las que han realizado una mastectomía o lumpectomía. Aunque estamos ubicados en la Costa del Sol, España, aceptemos pedidos de cualquier parte del país. Aceptamos donaciones las cuales se pueden hacer usando PayPal. Muchas gracias por vuestra apoyo .

Knitted Knockers Spain
Contact Name: Margaret Stevenson
Email: ozziwannab@nullyahoo.co.uk
Address: B/Portugalejo 15, Mollina, Malaga
Phone: (349) 527-4153
Website: http://knittedknockersspain.info
We are situated in Mollina which is a small pueblo about 17kms from Antequera in Malaga Province, Andalusia. We are in the process of making contact with other knitting groups in Spain so that these can cater for women in their are who are in need of a Knocker. There is already a knitting group been formed in Torreviaja who are knitting knockers.


Knitted Knockers Zurich CH group
Contact Name: Olga Ivanova
Email: ivanoffka@nullgmail.com
Address: Sonnenbergstrasse 59, Thalwil, Switzerland
Phone: (077) 452-3175
We are a multicultural group of passionate knitters in the Zurich Area who are dedicated to bring knitted knockers to Switzerland. We organise regular workshops and tutorials for knitters to meet, learn and exchange knowledge.
We are looking forward to being a collection/distribution point for private persons and medical clinics in the ZH area.
Join our Knitted Knockers facebook group to place an order, sign up for workshops and more:

Wir sind eine multikulturelle Gruppe passionierter Strickfreunde aus dem Raum Zürich, die Knitted Knockers in der Schweiz etablieren wollen. Wir organisieren regelmässig Workshops und Kurse, in denen sich Strickfreunde kennenlernen, sich weiterbilden und ihr Wissen austauschen können.
Wir freuen uns darauf, eine Sammel- und Verteilstelle für Privatleute und Spitäler im Raum Zürich zu werden. Treten Sie der Facebook-Gruppe der Knitted Knockers bei, um Bestellungen aufzugeben, sich für Workshops anzumelden und mehr:

United Kingdom

Knitted Knockers UK
Contact Name: Lynne Hawksworth
Email: kkuksecretary@nulloutlook.com
Address: 426 Liverpool Road, Birkdale, Southport, Merseyside
Phone: (779) 396-6051
Website: http://www.knittedknockersuk.com/
We are a Registered Charity in the UK, based on a Facebook group of pages. Everyone involved is a volunteer, and we make knockers in 100% cotton for day wear, and evening wear. We also make Aqua knockers in soft acrylic yarn for swimming, gym activities and sunbathing. Our knockers are available in a comprehensive range of 15 sizes as standard.
(not affiliated with knittedknockers.org)

Midlands Crafters for Breast Cancer
Contact Name: Dervisoglu Joanna
Email: Midscrafters4breastcancer@nullvirginmedia.com
Address: 493 Tessall Lane, Northfield, Birmingham
Website: http://www.mc4bc.com
Knitted breast prostheses are provided free of charge and can be requested via our website www.mc4bc.com. We meet in the community hub of John Lewis, Birmingham, West Midlands once a month. (Above New Street station, Grand Central) Dates and times can be found on the website.
Our volunteers also craft and gift drain bags, heart shaped support cushions, 100% cotton chemo hats and 100% cotton wash cloths. These are distributed by support groups and centres directly to ladies and gents going through treatments for breast cancer. For further information email midscrafters4breastcancer@nullvirginmedia.com or write to Joanna Dervisoglu, Midlands Crafters for Breast Cancer, 493 Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5HA.
(not affiliated with knittedknockers.org)