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COVID-19 Update:  We are committed to supporting medical facilities in providing free knitted knockers to their patients. Knitted Knockers is continuing to provide Knockers and services on a limited basis to the best of our ability.  Regretfully we are unable to supply knockers or print materials to clinics directly at this time.  Please check back after May 15th when hopefully we can again provide support and materials.  In the meantime patients can order knockers from us directly at If you have a local group providing knockers to you feel free to contact them.  Print materials are also available at under the “downloads” link


We love to partner with medical clinics, cancer centers, nurse navigators, imaging centers, radiologists, and breast surgeon offices to provide free knitted knockers to their patients. We currently are supporting over 1,550 medical clinics across the country. We find that many clinics find this a wonderful resource to offer their patients either as a temporary or ongoing alternative to traditional breast prosthetics. They don’t require special fittings, order specialists, prosthetic bras, insurance approval, can be worn as soon as you clear them for it, are free and made by caring volunteers. These also are quite adjustable by removing and shifting stuffing. They work nicely for women going through Tissue Expansion reconstruction. Each week as the size gets bigger you take out some stuffing. I personally did this and it worked great! They can be helpful for lumpectomies with radiation as it can shrink a breast ending up lopsided. Just remove stuffing and shift where needed to fill the void and you are balanced again!

We have print brochures available for waiting and exam rooms offering this alternative for women deciding what to do. It has space on the back to add your information. We have business cards directing women to order their own free knitted knockers at They can order the size they wish, sizes A-DD and larger upon special request, choose their color preference, whether they need a single or pair, and any other information they may wish to give us such as allergies, etc. We also have “inserts” which are information sheets to hand out with knitted knockers explaining they were made by volunteer knitters and washing instructions, etc. To reorder materials please click here.

We have two ways to partner with medical providers.

  1. We will be happy to send you some sample knitted knockers to show your patients.  We will also send some business cards and brochures that can be used to inform patients of this option available to them.  The patient can then go online at and order their free knitted knockers.  You can request more printed materials from us as needed.
  2. Ideally we like to connect a local knitting group to provide knitted knockers directly to the medical clinics in their community so that women can pick them out and take them home with them.  It is a real win/win for everyone.  The women who can use them get to select the color and style they prefer and take them home with them, they are made by someone locally, and it saves us postage.  We suggest that the local group start by providing the clinic with a selection of 2 pair of each cup size (20 knockers).  They leave contact information for the clinic to call or email to restock supplies as needed.  We can supply you with printed material to hand out with the knockers that explains they were made by caring volunteers and also gives washing instructions, etc.If you already have an auxiliary available making other projects for you such as chemo caps we would love to help them provide these to you as well. Have them contact us and we will equip them to provide for you directly.

Here is the link to the form to fill out to get started providing to your patients, Medical Provider Form.

Knitted Knockers Support Foundation is a 501(c)3 run 100% by volunteers. We survive strictly by donations. We are thrilled to partner with medical clinics to provide free knitted knockers to their patients. For those that have the resources to help us out with costs it is really appreciated. The cost of providing materials to a clinic runs us about $200 a year. Any donations are sincerely appreciated. Do NOT let that stop you from partnering with us though. We want to help reach out to your women that can use them. More information can be found at our Make a Donation link on the home page.

“Julie, a nurse, said to me, ‘I sure wish you could be there when we have a woman who is dejected, wondering what they are going to do and we bring out the bag of knockers. They always bring a smile to their face at a difficult time, and sometimes tears.’ I don’t need to be there to see it. I know, because I was one of them.”~ Barb

“Wore my knitted knocker to my oncologist’s….she was amazed by it…so amazed that she called in my nurse navigator….neither one had ever seen one….do you have info sample and or business cards?? Thanks!”

“Thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for my Knockers! Severe nerve pain and post-op sensitivity made wearing even the softest forms intolerable. I didn’t know how I was going to return to work or ever wear anything. The day my surgeon’s office gave me your website flyer, I went online and ordered my knockers. They arrived fast! When I opened the package, I cried tears of relief and joy. They are so soft, comfortable and natural looking. Thanks to you, I was able to return to work looking like myself, being comfortable and feeling great”

“There is a woman of color who had bilateral surgery over 20 years ago.  Her body forms keloids Her prosthetic was irritating causing irritation, pain, more scabs, etc.  They gave her two Knitted Knockers three weeks ago.  When she left the clinic, she threw the prosthetics into the trash and had a smile on her face.  The nurses said that was the first time that they have seen her smile in TWENTY years.”

Thank you for wanting to help bring comfort and dignity to women’s lives!

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