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Knockers are needed in all sizes and colors so have fun making the Knockers of your choice. By far the most requested are neutral colors though and matching pairs are greatly needed.

We are offering several patterns for “knitted” knockers that we have found to result in wonderful soft, contoured knockers. Our favorite is the one made on double pointed needles, or the magic loop method. Not everyone is successful with that so our next favorite is the Knitted Knockers on Straight Needles. This pattern adapted recently by Claudia Barbo is made in the flat and seamed up the side. It is designed to appear the same as the ones made on DPN with the exception of the seam and there is no nipple. If making to send to us for distribution you can leave the seaming to us if you find that difficult. Lastly, we do not want to leave out our wonderful crocheters so have created a nicely contoured crochet pattern. Crochet by its nature can be stiff and requires 1/3 more yarn. They still can make nice knockers though when using a “fine” enough yarn. It should be sport or baby weight and very soft.

We want to give a shout out to the creator of the original “Tits Bits” pattern, Beryl Tsang who as best as we can tell started this whole movement with her ingenious idea!

Below find Knitted Knocker Tutorials on how to make great Knitted Knockers. They are divided into three sections to help you with the areas you may need the most help with. The first one talks about how to make the nipple and get started on the top section of the knocker. The second one goes through the transition and back sections. The third one may be the most important as it talks about finishing the knocker.

Patterns are free but donations are gratefully accepted to help us continue to provide
knitted knockers to the women who can use them.

Patterns in Other Languages are available on the International Patterns page.

The videos may be slightly different than the patterns as the patterns are updated periodically.  Follow the pattern if any difference as it is more current.

Knitted Knocker Patterns
Approved Yarns for Knitted Knockers
International Patterns for Knitted Knockers

Part 1 covers the Cast On and i-Cord to get you started

Part 2 covers the Decreases and Purling

Part 3 covers the Finishing and Filling

Crochet Knitted Knockers Tutorial

The Journey of a Knitted Knocker to its New Home