Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knocker Supplier Agreement

So here is what you are committing to as a Knitted Knocker Supplier:

1. Sending out Knit or Crochet Knockers made from the approved yarns and patterns of

2. Filling all orders sent to you within 4 weeks.

3. Including Care Instructions with name with each order.

4. By agreeing to fill orders for Knitted Knockers Support Foundation I (we) acknowledge I (we) will receive information that may be deemed to be confidential. As such, I (we) agree by becoming a supplier for that I (we) will be bound by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (as amended from time to time) which is posted on the website. In addition, the Knitted Knocker supplier agrees that, except as provided by law, all data given to the Knitted Knockers supplier from Knitted Knockers Support Foundation to fill orders from shall remain confidential and shall not be released or disclosed to any person or entity or be used for any purpose other than to fill the order.

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