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COVID-19 Update
Knitted Knockers is continuing to provide Knockers and services on a limited basis to the best of our ability. Please take all prudent precautions as these are handmade items and delivered through the mail.  Be patient as things are taking longer than normal. Please only order one set of knockers and defer reorders for a few months.  Print materials, patterns and approved yarns list can be downloaded at under the “downloads” link.

What are Knitted Knockers?
Knitted Knockers are special, soft, lightweight breast prosthetics that are very comfortable for women who have undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies and radiation, and/ or are undergoing reconstruction.

What information do I need to provide to order a knitted knocker?
We will need your full name, full mailing address, your bra size (34C for example), if a single or a pair are needed and if you have a color preference. There is no difference between right or left if you are ordering a single.

How long will it take to receive my Knitted Knockers?
Our goal is to have them mailed within 4 weeks.  Due to periods of increased publicity and the resulting increased demand at times it may take longer.  If you haven’t received your knocker in six weeks please feel free to contact us.

Can a knitted knocker work for a breast that is uneven or shrunken due to lumpectomy and/or radiation? Or while going through tissue expansion reconstruction?
Yes, knitted knockers are very adjustable. Request the full size of knocker and then simply remove and shift stuffing to the area needing fullness. The back is left open to allow for adjusting. When adjusted cinch up the back and tuck in the yarn tail loosely inside the hole.

Can I adjust the fit of my knitted knocker?
You can customize the fit of your knocker by adding or subtracting the filling by opening the back of your knocker (this should appear like a drawstring and it is ok to open the back….you won’t undo the knitted stitches!). Once you have the fit you like, you can simply cinch it up again and tuck the tail of yarn into the back. The knockers have been overstuffed to allow for this adjustment. If you need additional stuffing it can be purchased at any craft store.

How do I wear them?
They can be worn with any regular bra, sports bra, mastectomy bra or post-op camisole. Depending on what type of bra you are wearing it can also be lightly sewn into the bra for added comfort and less chance that it will move around. Some women prefer to add a weight to the knocker and you can do this by adding a small stone or marble that you can buy at a craft store to get the weight you desire.

My Knitted Knocker rides up how do I keep it in place?
While knitted knockers can be worn with most bras some work better than others. A snug fit full coverage bra works best. Some women have attached a Velcro tab in their bra. A simple pin works too. Loosely stitching the knocker into the bra works fine as it can be washed along with the bra and air-dried.

What are the knockers made of?
The knockers are made of soft, non-wool, washable yarn and filled with PolyFiberFil. They are all knit by volunteers so there is a variety of yarn used. We can send 100% cotton upon request (with PolyFiberFil).

How do I wash my knockers?
You can wash your knocker stuffed or unstuffed on the gentle cycle and hang to dry.

Can I wear my knocker for swimming?
Your regular knitted knockers will work but we recommend a separate pair dedicated for swimming. Some swimming knockers may be made with an acrylic blend and/or be stuffed with a different filling.

How much do the Knitted Knockers cost?
They are FREE! We are 100% volunteer-run so donations are always appreciated but never required.

Knitted Knockers are free. Who pays for them? How can you give them for free?
Knitted knockers are made by volunteer knitters. They do it because they care and want to make a difference. Knitted Knockers Support Foundation aka is a 501(c)3 nonprofit US organization that can receive donations. Postage alone costs over $4,500 a month plus stuffing, materials, website management, etc really adds up. No wages are paid out. These costs are covered by the generosity of donors who wish to help making a difference in the thousands of women’s lives impacted by breast cancer and mastectomy. We are always looking for opportunities to spread the word with potential donors, Rotaries, etc who are community and women’s health-minded. Donations can be made at Any fundraising ideas are always welcome and can be sent to

Who invented Knitted Knockers?
A young woman from Maine owned a yarn shop and had breast cancer. After her mastectomy, she made a breast prosthesis for herself. She and friends started making them to give away and came up with the name knitted knockers. After having my mastectomy I asked her if I could help with distributing knitted knockers. She said she was no longer able to keep up with things so was delighted that we would take up the torch and run with it. With her blessing, we created Knitted Knockers Support Foundation aka and proceeded to reach out to the women who could use them and the wonderful volunteer knitters that could make them. We are located in Washington State and provide knockers and materials to inspire and equip knitters to make them for their own communities all over the country and world. We believe the original ingenious pattern was “Tit Bits” by Beryl Tsang that has been revised since then by various groups.

How many Knitted Knocker groups are there?
There are many wonderful groups using the name knitted knockers and giving out free breast prosthesis. We are, Knitted Knockers Support Foundation located in Washington State. We provide a portal for over 4,800 groups in 50 states and 56 countries. Requests that come in to our website, are forwarded to be filled by groups affiliated with us in their state. If we have no group affiliated in a state we fill the order directly from Washington. Any groups willing and able to fill orders from their state we encourage them to register with us so we can forward requests to fill. It is so wonderful when women can receive knockers from women in their own communities. Other groups can be found on our website at,

What does *not affiliated with mean? South Africa, UK, Australia
Many countries have groups affiliated with Knitted Knockers Support Foundation, aka They have registered with KKSF and are using their patterns, approved yarns and methods of distribution. Countries that are not affiliated with may use different patterns, registration for knitters and crocheters, yarns, and/or methods of distribution. These are identified in the International directory with an asterisk, *not affiliated with Information is available on the International directory page to order directly from them or register as a knitter/crocheter.

We are a medical clinic that would like to provide knitted knockers to our clients. Can you help us?
We are always excited to partner with the medical profession to provide free knitted knockers. We can provide you with brochures, cards, and some sample knockers to show your patients. We love to connect volunteer knitters with medical providers in their area to provide them directly with a supply of knockers. That way women can pick their very own knockers out and take them home with them. For more information or to reorder materials check out our Medical Provider Information.

I am a knitter how can I help?
We are sending out thousands all over the country and world. We can use all we can get. We have free patterns, videos on how to make great knitted knockers and materials to help you. You can distribute them locally or send them to us for distribution. You don’t even need to stuff them. We like to register our knitters and crocheters so that others in the area can connect together to help out. We have a lot more information on ways to help that we can send you. Simply fill out the and we will send you more information on ways to help. We won’t publish your listing without talking with you first.

The video is not the same as my pattern!
Our patterns are revised periodically as improvements are found. These changes may not be reflected in the videos. If you notice a difference, follow the pattern. To get the latest version of our patterns check out

What kind of yarn can I use to make the knockers?
The yarn used for Knitted Knockers is very important as they are to be worn against scarred, sensitive skin. We have compiled a list of yarns that have been tested and approved as appropriate for Knitted Knockers. Most women prefer cotton as it is breathable so we have listed mostly cotton or cotton blends. The acrylic yarns listed are only for swimming as they are not worn daily. Crochet requires a finer yarn than knit as it can be a bit stiffer so we have identified the yarns appropriate for crochet. Please note that only knockers made from the attached list will be used to fill orders from so if knitting or crocheting for us please only use these yarns.

What are your most requested sizes?
We get requests for all sizes but the largest number of requests are for pairs of size Cs and larger of the neutral colors. Sizing is a bit of an art. Looser knit will stretch more when stuffed than tighter knitters. The stuffed knocker should measure about the diameters listed on the pattern. The patterns have been revised 3-20-17 in an attempt to make our sizing a bit better. The final determination would be to fully stuff a knocker and measure across the back from the point to the midpoint of the other side.

Where do I send them when they are done?
If you don’t have a local collection point we can always use them to fill orders from our website. They can be mailed unstuffed to save on postage to: Knitted Knockers Support Foundation, 1405 Fraser St. #F103, Bellingham, WA 98229. Be sure and include your contact information so we can thank you.

How can I help?
Help us to create awareness by liking and sharing us on Facebook Spread the word with your local media connections. Let us know what you are doing so we can share it with our thousands of followers.

If you can knit (or crochet) make knockers.

Donate. We are 100% volunteer-run and postage alone runs over $4,000 per month. Donations can be mailed to Knitted Knockers Support Foundation, 1405 Fraser St. #F103, Bellingham, WA 98229 or made via Paypal at

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