Knitted Knockers

Bottoms Up Knitted Knocker Additional Information

New and improved way to KNIT A KNITTED KNOCKER.

Click Here for our “BOTTOMS UP PATTERN” for double point needles (DPN).

Approved Knitted Knockers pattern made on DPNs for that is an easier start than the original DPN pattern with the same great result. The original Knitted Knockers on DPNs pattern is still great if you want to continue using it but this tutorial is for the simplified “Bottoms Up” version.

Video Table of Contents:

Introduction – 0:00
Starting a Knocker – 05:05
Transition to Turning Rows – 22:30
Sizing – 28:45
Turning Rows – 31:12
Top Section – 39:10
Nipple or No Nipple – 48:43
I Cord for Nipple – 54:59
Finishing Your Knocker – 01:01:18


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Link to download Bottoms Up Pattern
See all the great insight for the best pattern, best yarns, optional styles and sizes, and the most effective way to knit and prepare knockers that work best for the majority of our breast cancer survivors.

Our goal is to spread the model of regional groups of kindhearted knitters sharing their time and talent to hand craft these beautiful works of art as free gifts of inspiration and compassion for breast cancer survivors everywhere.

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