Knitted Knockers

Adopt a Medical Clinic

We are so excited to start matching up clinics who want to be adopted by local knitters!  Click on the map to see the approximate locations of about 744 clinics who want to be adopted.  If you are interested in providing directly to a clinic and women in your own community we would love to match you up.

We suggest that you provide the clinic with a starter set of 20 knitted knockers (2 pair of each size A-DD). We have a nice supply of knitted knockers we can send you to provide to them if you need some help to get started.  We will send them to you unstuffed and then you will stuff them and take them to the clinic.  When the clinic gets low, they would contact you by phone or email and you would replenish the supply.  Remember, we always have your back if you need assistance with resupplying the clinic. Simply email us at and let us know. The really cool thing about this is that women can select the knockers they want at the time of their doctor visit and take them home with them at a very vulnerable time.  Knitters and crocheters will be making knockers for women in their own community, and that is a very beautiful thing.

Click on the map and zoom into your area to see the approximate locations of about 744 clinics who want to be adopted.  Send an email to and let us know what city and state you are interested in helping. 

Don’t see a clinic near you but still want to adopt a clinic? Approach your local clinic and ask them to register with us online using this link. They should mention that you are providing to them when they register.

Thanks so much for making such a significant difference in women’s lives!

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