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I am a 15-year cancer survivor. Thanks to God and my doctors. I tried wearing a prosthesis but they were just too uncomfortable, so I did without anything. I just heard about these wonderful ladies and their knitted knockers and it brought tears to my eyes. God Bless you ladies. The work you are doing is sooo...much appreciated.

Would like to thank kerry m for my lovely knitted knocker xx

I have received a knitted knocker a couple of months ago and have been wearing it ever since. It's light, comfortable and just generally a great idea! Thank you unknown knitter!! 🙂
Greetings from Switzerland

I only requested one knitted knocker because I didn't think that anything would help. I figured the donation might help someone else. But much to my delight and surprise it is comfortable, light weight, and doesn't feel like a 10 pound weight on my chest like the prosthesis does. Thank you thank you thank you. I work on the medical crew for the Avon Breast Cancer walk here in California and you can be sure I will spread the word to other survivors. Thank you again this is such a relief.

Thank you so much to Judith for the wonderful work she is doing..I am so grateful...and the lovely heart keyring made my day. You are making a lot of ladies very Happy.. .with heartfelt thanks

Thank you so much for my knitted knockers and for the love and care that came with them. I having been wearing them for the past week and I love them, they are so comfortable and I have even been wearing them after work, where as with my prosthesis they would be the first thing to come off when I get home. The weather has also got quite hot over the last couple of days and I have noticed with joy that my chest wall and bra is dry which would not be the case with my prosthesis. Thank you for making me feel so happy and comfortable again and please continue to make others happy with your wonderful knockers. Thank you xxx

Thank you so much for the knitted knocker made by Pamela, along with the little heart she included. It is very comfortable and a lot cooler to wear in the hot weather and on days when I am not feeling very good, I am currently on chemo for stage 4 BC. You are providing a fantastic service and it is very much appreciated.
Thanks again xxx

I want to thank you for sending me a pair of knitted knockers. They are so nice. I like that I could take some of the filler out of one side, it sure looks better. I can tell that nobody would even notice that I have a double mastectomy. It makes me feel good that someone took the time to make and send them to me for no exspence. Best wishes!

I received my parcel this week..a week when I was feeling a little out of kilter.. I opened my parcel and beautifully packaged and beautifully knitted were my swim and ordinary knocker.....I cried I felt so humble that a complete stranger could offer this to me with love..please know how much this means to me and of course other women.. it sort of nomalises your life again...I year on from my single mastectomy I am feeling well and recovering from this awful disease ..god willing I am here to stay....I feel the love each time I use these..god bless the knitting circle... and my letter to Sue to thank her personally has been sent..in this very cruel world at the moment there is love out there that overcomes all..thank you
thank you xx

Hi, I have a great big THANK YOU! to you all for my knitted knocker, so comfy, I forgot I even had it in. After having my mascetormy and wearing a prosthesis issued from the hospital, which I have found very uncomfortable, my knitted knocker has been brilliant and given me the confidence to get on with my life. Also so beautifully packed.
Thank you again. X

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