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I just wanted Barbra to know that I am from New Castle Pa and I met with Peggy Larsen yesterday she ran down to meet with me providing me with a pair Love them she also told me whatever I needed she was there I am going to let my Doctors know that these are available in our area what a wonderful group❤️

I wanted to let everyone know that I "LOVE" my new knitted knocker! I have been two years w/o a good alternative. I have a very deep scar because of a botched implant, and most things I can afford don't work well.
My PT girl hooked me up with you and I can't thank her enough. Now I can't thank you ladies enough. Thank you. I'm going to wear it out pulling it out and showing my lady friends!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all who are making these awesome knitted knockers and sending them to women like myself. I love mine and they came just in time after my surgery and saved me the embarrassment of looking so totally lopsided. I love you all and what you are doing is so incredibly amazing and so helpful to so many women. Thank you a million times over and God Bless you all for what you do!!

Thank you to Stephanie of the Chin Chuck Sisters Knitting Group in Captain Hook, Hawaii for my knitted knockers. They are wonderful! I received them just a few weeks after ordering. With minimal adjusting they work perfectly in my favorite bra. I have been spreading the word about these to all I know who still use the heavy and uncomfortable prosthesis. Keep up the good work.

I am so grateful for my Knitted Knocker. I am here today to order a fresh one because the one I have has been used every day since my mastectomy. It is stained with the Sharpie pen that was used during radiation to mark the areas of my chest where the radiation beams lined up. It is greasy and smells of the coconut oil and other potions that I used on my irradiated skin. It is a symbol of my journey that no one but me ever sees.

A big thank you to Margaret G for my aqua knocker and the little extras she put in the parcel, it is a lovely fit and I am going to order an everyday one as they are so light and comfortable. Love to all the knitters keep up the good work, order no A1709004.

I received my knitted knocker a couple of days ago. It is beautiful. Thank you Anne for knitting this for me, it fits perfectly into my posh new bra. I feel like me again. Thank you Anne. Order no K1708021.

Thanks so much to Rachel for my rainbow knocker K 1705171 Pretty and perfect Goodbye NHS prosthesis, so dull, so heavy.

I received my knitted Knockers yesterday and wore them for the first time today. I haven't felt this normal in years!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I received my Knitted Knocker in time to wear it to church on Mother's Day. I love it!!! the yarn is cool and soft against my skin. I could not wear the heavy silicone prosthesis and bras following my double mastectomy (the scars from the surgery go almost completely around my chest and back and they feel 'icky creepy and hurt because of the staples and clips under the skin in those areas). I found that wearing compression camisoles helps tremendously with the residual pain (even after 10long years) and they are able to hold the knitted knockers in place fairly well. my sister is making me more for Christmas (she LOVES to knit and crochet) in a variety of colors to match the camisoles i wear. I feel more self confident going out to shop and visit friends now. not as self conscious as i was before. (the mastectomy left me with quite a hollow chest quite the opposite of what i once had going from a DD to less than nothing) the scars are quite ragged and uneven and painful so i did not want to go outside much.. I am so looking forward to becoming more outgoing again = getting out and enjoying life. Thank you for this gift!!! Thank you for giving me my life back... thank you for helping me work on becoming 'whole' again... thank you

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