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I absolutely love my Knitted Knockers! I'm still healing so I'm not wearing them just yet. I've tried them on and I'm in love with them. They're so soft and light as a feather (I had a double mastectomy which took off 10lbs!). Having these in my bra was like next to nothing but still provided an adorable shape!
Thank you thank you thank you!!

I was absolutely thrilled to receive in the post my beautifully packaged & well presented "knockers", one which will be for swimming and one other, which I am currently wearing instead of my cumbersome silicone prosthesis. Knowing that it has been lovingly made for me makes me feel very special indeed, it is a brilliant design & so much more comfortable than anything similar I have tried before. My sincere thanks to all you wonderful ladies out there and especially to Jennifer - you're all stars!! x x

I got my Knitted Knockers in the mail today and they were wonderfully made. I feel like I have my curves back. Thank you so much for this wonderful thing you do! Every stitch of life is appreciated!

I stopped wearing my prosthesis because they were so heavy and uncomfortable. I had a double mastectomy and I really did not feel very good about my appearance. Since receiving my beautiful knitted knockers I wear them every day. I finally look like a female again. Thank you and God bless you and your organization.

thank you so much for what you do for us boobless beauties....my nickname from my boyfriend.....whlch ls tatooed on my arm lol.....you are all wonderful

Since I got my knitted knocker I have each day become more pleased. The prosthetic in my bra was so heavy that It was painful to twist and turn to get it all in place. Now I feel for the first time in 18 years that I am just putting on a regular bra... Wow! Thanks is not a strong enough word...

Thank you so much for my knitted knockers they are so light you don't know you are wearing them.A big thank you to Julie for your work so lovely knitted and presented.it does your heart good to think someone has taken the time to knit just for you thanks again and keep up the good work God bless you all.

What a wonderful idea and what a wonderful gift from caring women! I received by knockers this week (thank you Hattie of Tennessee), and they are so comfortable...and I know they are made with love. Thanks again to this amazing group of women.

So very pleased with my knocker made by Michele my operation was three weeks ago. So a long way to go but the knocker is so light and soft so much better than what I had from the hospital. thank you so very much.

Extremely well-made and comfortable.

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