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April 16, 2018

I have been looking for soft breast prosthesis since undergoing a double mastectomy. The initial ones I had were given to me s/p surgery and were extremely uncomfortable with seams that would rub and irritate my sensitive skin, breast scars. I’m soooo “Thankful” to have found Knitted Knockers online and to feel whole again. They were everything I was searching for… from being soft, comfortable, breathable and can be washed since I will have them for some time. I truly appreciate the donated time, effort and care that went into making them. I donated to ‘pay it forward’… God Bless (Thanks Amy B from Tampa Bay, FL)

– R Lynn
April 14, 2018

Thank you so much Christine for knitting my knitted knockers they arrived beautifully packed it put a smile on my face . They are so comfortable to wear
Keep up the good work so pleased there are people like you.
Eileen x

– Eileen BJ
March 27, 2018

I can’t thank Pat enough for my wonderful knitted knocker. It is so soft and comfortable and makes me look so natural. I have a large droopy boob, so have added some weights to hold the bottom and keep it in shape yet it still remains light! I have not worn my aqua knocker yet, but I’m sure it will be just as happy with it. I have had so many positive comments about my new appearance. You are all amazing! Thank you. Love Alison.

– Alison
March 8, 2018

Good morning!! I’ve just received my Knitted Knocker. It was packaged lovely and accompanied by a hand written card.
Thank you very much Barbara!!
I really appreciate you taking the time to make this for me.
Take care one and all. Be well.
Vikki xx

– Vikki Cash
March 7, 2018

My knitted knockers arrived today, made by Yvonne H. Thank you so much Yvonne, they look and feel wonderful. I am booked in for my mastectomy in 6 days time, and am sure I will find these so much more softer and comfortable. I can’t express my thanks enough – really appreciate all your hard work. x

– Chris S
March 3, 2018

My mom, Angie, received her knitted knockers this past week and wore them for the first time last night. Thank you, Linda R. for your God-given talent, for making so many women feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. I am so grateful for angels like Linda R & everyone involved that make a positive impact on so many. Two years ago, my mom had a mastectomy. Now she is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer….So, having these prosthesis on good days, makes her feel more alive, beautiful, confident, & comfortable… Thank GOD for angels like you, that can make a positive impact on so many…
💗 LovNhugS💗
Kathy C, Ohio

– Kathy C
February 28, 2018

Thank you all! I can’t explain how wonderful these are I just ordered my second pair and also just made a donation! I made two year breast cancer survivor I got a life-threatening infection during my double Mastectomy which led both expanders to react with a severe infection had to have them both removed I am no longer allowed to have any reconstructive surgery so these are a fantastic alternative! I have been purchasing prosthesis for us for the past two years at $1500 a year they break down and much heavier these are a much better alternative feel lighter and look more perky! I’m so happy Someone introduced me to this site I want to thank you all and I can’t THANK YOU enough!

– Lorraine K
February 26, 2018

Thank you so much for returning my self esteem. I have made a small donation today, and will make more in the future. Its good to know that the world still has good people focused on helping one another. God Bless everyone associated with Knitted Knockers

– Linda P
February 17, 2018

I can’t express enough how thankful I am for this wonderful gift!!! Every time I looked in the mirror and see my scars and the damage cancer has left my body I was becoming disappointed and sad. Your wonderful talents made me look normal while I wait for the next step in my reconstruction. May you be blessed to help those who have been fighting breast cancer.

– Rosa
February 9, 2018

I received my pair of knitted knockers this week and I am absolutely thrilled with them. They are so much lighter than my heavy prothesis and I feel so much more normal wearing them. I would like to say a big thank you to Julie from Southport who knitted them for me. Your kindness and excellent knitting has made my day x

– Jan T