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January 17, 2018

My knitted knocker has arrived with love from Wilma. I cannot express how I feel about this kindness. My feelings for the old heavy chicken fillet were all about loss and grief. My knitted knocker fills me with warmth as someone who will never know me has made this for me. I feel loved and cared for and it has bought tears of joy to me – I will never be able to thank you enough Wilma. XX

– Lisa
January 17, 2018

Never heard of your group. Carol D made me two knockers and I was floored. I had a mastectomy and could not have reconstruction. I am a small woman but my breast size kept growing. Although I wear a size 8, my breast went to 34H or 36G. The weight of my prosthetic is so heavy that my back is awful. I sit at a computer all day. The knitted knocker is a godsend. I am making a donation and ordering one in my size. Thank you to Carol for knitting me one.

January 11, 2018

Thank you so much to the kind person who knitted my Knockers, and to all the other caring ladies who give their time for such a wonderful cause. I had a mastectomy in November, and couldn’t find anything like Knitted Knockers here in France where I live. I heard about your website from my daughter, and it seemed an excellent idea. My Knockers are really comfortable, and feel and look very natural. They arrived fairly quickly, after about 4 weeks I think, despite being told when I ordered them that it could take six weeks due to demand. I’m hoping to start a knitting group in France so that other ladies here can benefit from such a brilliant idea. Thanks again for making life easier at a difficult time.

– Ann Harrison
January 2, 2018

I am so happy with my knockers. I am wearing pocketed shelf camisoles because a bra tends to ride up. The knockers fit perfectly into the pocket of my camisoles and I tuck my camisoles into my pants or skirt and they are so natural looking, stay in place and are light and comfortable. I can’t thank you enough.

December 21, 2017

I received my knockers today. They are absolutely perfect. The size, the colours and the feel of the material. I Love, love, love them. No more heavy, scratchy prostheses.
Thank you so very much, Pam.

December 11, 2017

I had my mastectomy last Tuesday. A friend sent me your site and information. I just found out about my diagnosis in October, and have been devastated. I am as healthy as one can be and thought I wouldn’t have to worry about cancer, but who knew most breast cancers are hormone receptive, and my adrenal glands turned out to be the culprit, producing too much estrogen. I immediately sent you a note asking for your product. Immediate reply said it would be 4 to 6 weeks. I replied that I would not be at my current address at that time, and not sure of where I would be, and asked if you could expedite it. Mara immediately responded, saying she would go to the warehouse and ship out the next day. I received them yesterday and they are wonderful, fitting into my bra perfectly. I cannot thank you enough and am making a donation to your organization.

December 11, 2017

I wasn’t too thrilled with the name of this group… but I went ahead and asked for 1 to be shipped to me. My very friendly Georgia knitter, Jeane, who made it for me contacted me via email immediately and said she would be working on it. She shipped quickly (no charge for shipping!) and included a special bag to hold it and a couple other goodies. IT FITS/FEELS FANTASTIC… so I ordered a pair of them… so I could have enough to wear/wash. Again my knitter was wonderful. So TRY ONE. You don’t have anything to lose and will be surprised by the comfort! I posted your organization name to my Facebook group and have brochures to leave in my doctor’s office. THANK YOU! (I’ve been wearing a regular prosthesis since 1999.)

December 6, 2017

While I was incarcerated, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I ended up with a masectomy with no chance of reconstruction. While I was healing from the surgery, I read Ann Landers about information on the Knitted Knockers . SInce I could not recieve one in prison, I got the directions to make one. There are lots of knitters and crocheters in prison. One lady volunteered to make me one and ended up making two for me. I was able to walk around and no one ever knew that I has a masecotmy. It made me feel good. When I was released, I still had no contacts to get a prosthesis, my knocker was all I had to feel “normal”. I just want to say THANK YOU! what a great idea to provide to us survivors. Thanks to all the people who make these wonderful “knockers”! You are all such a blessing!

December 1, 2017

Thankyou so much to Carole for my knitted knickers, they are so comfortable. Such a fantastic thing to do. With May thanks!

November 28, 2017

I can NOT say enough how grateful I am to the lovely people that make the knitted knockers!! I am a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy. I have the prosthetic breasts but can not tolerate the weight of them along with how they make me sweat. The knitted knockers are a Godsend! They are easy to wash and to place into my bra. Looks just like normal and SO COMFORTABLE!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I got my first set almost 2 years ago and ordering a new set now. Can’t wait for my new knockers!!