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It’s our dream to share the gift of these Knitted Knockers simple solutions with breast cancer survivors and their supporters everywhere.

Of course, since they’re light as air… not much “support” is needed 😉 (Cue: Drummer Rim Shot & Laugh Track) Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

We obviously like to focus, literally, on the “lighter” side of this issue because there’s already enough emotions and trauma for those of us who have experienced this ourselves, or know a loved one who has. With over 50,000 mastectomies in the United States alone each year… this could help brighten and improve the lives of so many women.

This idea of organizing and offering these Knitted Knockers as a free gift to breast cancer survivors won a nationwide contest this year that included a trip to visit the Susan G. Komen headquarters as their guest. This concluded with the honor of our founder, Barbara Demorest, being 1 of only 4 other people, (other than Susan G. Komen herself), to be permanently displayed on the Susan G. Komen Headquarters Promise Wall.

Our goal is to multiply the inspiration of GIFTING these to other breast cancer survivors in our community, our country, and around the world.

Thank you so much for helping share this dream of helping others with your fans and viewers.

With Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, this is an amazing opportunity to help spread the message about this great alternative. We know you’ll be looking for ways to help bring awareness to breast cancer which affects 1 out of every 8 women in their lifetime. Because of that we’ve made all the video and resources easily available for you here.

Youtube link to view/stream: The Woman Behind

Click HERE to download the HD video file.


Youtube link to: The Woman Behind (Without our graphics so that you can insert your own.)
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The Woman Behind – graphic name keys and timecode:
0:00 minutes/seconds –
Barbara Demorest
Founder of
Knit Night Party
Barb Sharing Her Story
Phyllis Kramer
Barb’s Knitted Knocker Hero
Dr. Cary Kaufman
Breast Surgeon
Julie Sheets
Reconstructive Surgery Nurse
Andrea Evans
Owner of Apple Yarns

Knitted Knocker Graphics:
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Video Director / Producer contact: Greg Otterholt