Adopt a Medical Clinic

We have medical clinics in need of volunteers willing to provide them with knitted knockers. We have found that it is best to have about 20 knitted knockers available for a start with most medical clinics.  That would be 2 pairs in each of the color palettes (neutral, bright and dark) in each of the sizes (A-DD).  That way the clinic can bring them to the women to pick out what they like.  Then as the clinic runs low they call us (you) to bring some more to them.  This is a very efficient way as there is no postage involved and you have time to build up an inventory and the women get to pick out what they want.  If you find you are overwhelmed with requests that can’t be filled we are always here to pick up the slack.  We can send you some business cards that can be left at the clinic that they can give to women who may not have the size or color readily available for them.  We also can mail you some information inserts that can be handed out with the knockers that give washing instructions, contact information, etc.  We have customizable copies as well.

Another way to help provide for a medical clinic is to leave a few sample ones there along with a bunch of business contact cards that the clinic can show their patients and give them the information on how to request them.  Then the patients can go online and request directly from us.  When you are ready and able to provide for those requests you can let me know and we will forward them to you for fulfillment.  Until then though we would happily provide for them.

If you are willing or able to help email